Call for Papers: 16th Congress of Danses Macabres d’Europe

logo_dmeXVIe Congres International D’Etudes sur les Danse Macabres et l’art macabre en général

To be held in Turin, Italy at the Università degli Studi di Torino

October 16-18, 2014

The Association “Danses macabres d’Europe” organizes its next international conference in Turin (Italy), in collaboration with the Department of Humanities (StudiUm), University of Turin.

The Association was founded in France in 1987, and over the years other teams of scholars from universities and other fields, collectors and artists all dealing with Danses macabres (Dances of Death) were created in Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Germany and Austria. The Association aims at studying Danses macabres and its related themes: the Encounter between the three living and the three dead, the Triumph of Death, Ars moriendi, futility, and eschatological themes such as the Last Judgement. The Association intends to catalogue and explore these issues that recur through time, and their representations in monumental art (frescoes, paintings, sculptures, stained glass windows), in illuminations, in etchings, in literatures, in music and in performative arts. Thanks to international conferences that aim to give visibility to this type of research and to widen the repertoire of macabre themes, scholars are able to present the results of their research. Following the tradition with the previous conferences held in Ettiswyl (Switzerland), Clusone (Italy), Chartres (France), Kientzheim (France), Straubing (Germany), Clusone (Italy), Füssen (Germany), Lucerne (Switzerland), Kassel (Germany), Vendôme (France), Rouen (France), Gand (Belgium), Metnitz (Austria), Sibiu (Romania), Chartres (France), the Turin conference will serve as an important meeting for fruitful discussion among various European scholars.

Participants (whether members of the DME or not) are invited to present a paper in the fields of History, History of Art, Literature or Musicology, focusing on a macabre theme. It is possible to take into account all periods. In particular, we will appreciate the presentation of unknown works, of recent findings or thematic studies.

Papers along with their relative photos will be collected in the proceedings, which will be published before the conference and will be offered to registered participants. Speakers therefore are required to send their papers within a specific deadline, or conversely it will not be possible to include their articles in the proceedings.

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