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Top Ten Videos from Museum Secrets

Sistine Chapel on Museum SecretsOne of the best history TV shows being made right now (and made in Canada too!), Museum Secrets takes viewers each episode to a new museum to explore its artefacts and stories. The show is just finishing its third season in Canada, and can also be seen in the United States and the United Kingdom. You can see their website for more details.

The show has also done a very good job of creating a Youtube page that has strong content – some of which are scenes from the show, and other videos created just for the web. I wanted to list ten of the best videos they have online, five that talk about medieval topics, and five from about the ancient world.


1) The Medieval Crossbow vs the Gun (vs the Watermelon)

2) Putting on 16th century jousting armour

3) Viking Fighting Techniques

4) Behind the Scene at the Sistine Chapel with Director Robert Lang

5) Trying on Ivan the Terrible’s Hair Shirt at Moscow’s State Historical Museum


1) Recreating a Gladiator Battle at El D’jem Amphitheatre in Tunisia

2) The Minotaur and the Founding of Athens

3) Baby Mummies Unwrapped

4) David Langer at Herodion and King Herod’s Tomb

5) Filming the tombs of the Pharaohs of Egypt

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