Old Bones: Possible Richard III remains and DNA link found

First broadcast on 16×9, a news programme from Canada’s Global TV network

History paints him as the most notorious of English Kings; Richard III. He was defeated in a battle against the man who would become Henry VII on August 22, 1485, at a place in the centre of England called Bosworth Field. King Richard lost the battle, the crown, and his life.

“Richard charged into battle against Henry, nearly mono y mono,” says Richard Mackinder, a historian who has studied that battle thoroughly. “He was driven back, some hundred yards or six hundred yards potentially, from there, back to the marsh where he lost his horse, tried to fight on foot and then was eventually brought down.”

The king’s remains were lost, but this past summer old bones were recovered under a parking lot in the city of Leicester. Some believe they may be the skeleton of King Richard.

“I mean it’s just incredible, absolutely incredible,” says John Ashdown Hill, a historian. Ashdown Hill has also traced a 17th-generation descendent of the king, Canadian furniture-maker Michael Ibsen.

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