Tech Gets Medieval Symposium

Tech Gets Medieval Symposium

Tuesday, November 13 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Georgia Institute of Technology

This symposium highlights the connections between 21st-century and medieval/early-modern technologies, showcasing Georgia Tech faculty who have found innovative ways to teach the past in their classrooms.

Papers include:

Medieval Construction – Foundation of Today’s Industry – Brian Bowen

Blacksmithing and Timber-Framed Houses: Pedagogy of Risk – Hugh Crawford

Biology and Germ Warfare – Chrissy Spencer

Tried and True Methods – Krystina Madej

The Afterlives of Gawain: Illustration as Annotation in the Cotton Nero Ax Manuscript – Leah Haught

Bind Him Together and Say, “God speed”: Mnemonic Devices in a 15th-Century English Fencing Poem – Kate Tanski

Tracing the Steps of Touring Actors: Using REED Records and GIS to Illuminate Sixteenth-Century Performance Practices – Diane Jakacki

Neo-Medieval Fantasy in Video Games – Celia Pearce

Your Mission is to Rescue Lorenzo di Medici: A Demonstration of the Pedagogical Potentials of using Assassin’s Creed II for Teaching the Italian Renaissance – Amanda Madden

Please visit LMC@gatech Humanistic Perspectives on a Technological World for more details about the symposium

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