World Without End – Review of Episode 4: Check

World Without End

Episode 4: Check

Live in a cave in your heart my boy because if you wish to win respect, build a palace.” ~ Petranilla

In this week’s episode, Edward III goes to war against France in 1334. Meanwhile, bridge building under Merthin’s guidance begins. Gwenda has Ralph’s baby, Caris and Mother Cecilia fight for their hospital and Godwyn continues to plot and scheme as Prior.

Godwyn is hanging women he perceives to be whores as a show of the Church’s strength. He power mad and doing whatever he feels like all in the name of the Church.

Caris challenges Ralph when he tries to exact war taxes for money that they need for the bridge. In turn, Ralph hits his brother Merthin.

We’ll have the court put Godwyn in his place” ~ Mother Cecilia 

Caris has the Mother’s backing for the building of a hospital. Godwyn is nonplussed and blocks the building project. Mother Cecilia goes with Caris to London to fight for the hospice. She produces a document from the convent to prove their rights.

Ralph rapes Anet for making fun of him and Wulfric comes across the Anet with Gwenda. Ralph is formally accused for the rape at a feast held by Sir Roland. If he is found guilty, he will hang, so he tries to battle his way out of the castle but is overpowered and dragged away. Merthin visits his brother Ralph in gaol to say goodbye. Godwyn revels in the violence that will ensure with Ralph’s punishment; he will be partially hanged, then disembowelled, and publicly castrated. Luckily for Ralph, he is pardoned at the eleventh hour to join Edward’s army in France.

Godwyn believes his cousin Caris is Godless and Petranilla urges him to do whatever it takes to bring her down. He takes his mother’s advice to heart and murders the judge and burns the convent’s document. Caris and Mother Cecilia lose the fight for the hospice. Godwyn rescinds Merthin’s permission to build the bridge. Both Merthin and Caris are thwarted by Godwyn and decide to start fresh in Florence. At the last minute, Caris gets news that her father can buy a charter from the King so that the hospice plans might be saved. Caris decides to stay to fight Godwyn.

Unfortunately, one of the nuns, Sister Elizabeth, tells Godwyn about Mother Cecilia’s plans. Godwyn wants his mother to get involved and calls on her to murder her brother. Reluctantly, she poisons her brother but resents her son for what he has asked of her.

Edward is introduced to Caris because she is touted by Sir Roland as a remarkable healer. Caris is called to give a potion to Sir William who has fallen ill. Petranilla spikes it with something deadly when Caris’s back is turned. Sir William dies and Sir Roland accuses Caris of poisoning him. Godwyn wants to see her hang for her “crime”. Mother Cecilia stops Godwyn in his tracks and she tries to save Caris by bringing her to the priory and confessing her crime under sanctuary. Otherwise, they will hang Caris one way or another. Merthin is devastated and tries to stop her from taking her vows in the nunnery but is stopped by Brother Thomas and flees to Florence in tears. Becoming a nun gives Caris the opportunity to practice medicine in the convent as a nun under Mother Cecilia’s guidance and spares her life.


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