A Note on Michael the Porphyrogenitus, son of Andronikos III Palaiologos (*1337-+1352)

A Note on Michael the Porphyrogenitus, son of  Andronikos III Palaiologos (*1337-+1352)

Avalos, Galo Garcés

Published Online (2011)


Many figures of Byzantine History have been neglected due to various facts, like the lack of sources of a determined period, or because the roles they played during their lives were considered unimportant by men who wrote histories, chronicles,and many other accounts of historical value. In the XIV century, the figure of a prince who belonged to the Imperial Palaiologos Family is quite mysterious due to the little information we have about him, and worse of all, because we do not know how he met his end.

This is the case of Michael Palaiologos, youngest son of Emperor Andronikos IIIPalaiologos (1328-1341) by his second wife, the Savoyard princess Anna. AlthoughMichael’s life has almost never been studied, in this paper I pretend to enhance his figure, especially because of his important place as a spectator of the Second Civil War (1341-1347), the failed rule of John VI Kantakouzenos (1347-1354), and the ultimate ruin of Byzantium.


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