First Crusade

Articles on the First Crusade:

A Greek Source on the Origin of the First Crusade, by Peter Charanis

The Historiography of the Crusades, by Giles Constable

God wills it: communitas, penance and ritual in the spatiotemporal of the First Crusade, by William Warren Dwyer

Pagan Peverel: An Anglo-Norman Crusader, by Susan Edgington

Ideology and Motivations in the First Crusade, by Jean Flori

Men, Women, and Beasts at Clermont, 1095, by Deborah Gerish

Cannibalism, the First Crusade, and the Genesis of Medieval Romance, by Geraldine Heng

The Christians of Jerusalem, the Holy Sepulchre and the Origins of the First Crusade, by Andrew Jotischky

We’re on a Mission from God: A Translation, Commentary, and Essay Concerning The Hierosolymita by Ekkehard of Aura, Matthew LaBarge King

The Holy Lance of Antioch: A Study on the Impact of a Perceived Relic During the First Crusade, by Marius Kjørmo

Why Jerusalem? Why then? A study of the religious significance of Jerusalem to the West in 1095, by Erin Larson

The Byzantine Background to the First Crusade, by Paul Magadalino

What’s in a Name: Causes and Casualties of the First Crusade, by Christine Marfia

The Crusading Motivation of the Italian City Republics in the Latin East, c. 1096-1104, by Christopher J. Marshall

The army of Godfrey of Bouillon, 1096-1099 : Structure and dynamics of a contingent on the First Crusade, by Alan V. Murray

The Byzantine Perspective of the First Crusade: A Reexamination of Alleged Treachery and Betrayal, by Laura M. Nelson

Forming the first crusade : the role of the Kingdom of Hungary in Western crusading discourse, by James Kingsley Plumtree

The motives of the earliest crusaders and the settlement of Latin Palestine, 1095–1100, by Jonathan Riley-Smith

The Liturgy of the Liberation Jerusalem, by Bernard Sabella

Rashi and the First Crusade: Commentary, Liturgy, Legend, by Harvey Sicherman and Gilad J. Gevaryahu

The Fatimid Failure against the Crusaders at the End of the First Crusade, by Jan Vandeburie

The Secular Motivations of the First Crusade, by George Vicari

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