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Historvius – new history travel portal website

Historvius, a recently launched website, is offering viewers great ways to explore and plan out trips to historic places around the world. Information on hundreds of medieval and ancient historical sites is already available with more to come as it allows for users to upload their favorite locations.

“I wanted to create the site as I felt there was a need for an easy-to-use, good quality website that could help people explore historic sites around the world,” explains Mike Lewis, the founder of “I’d always been frustrated at the lack of such a service, and constantly found that finding historic sites to see on holiday took hours of painful research online. I also wanted to set up a forum to ‘share the knowledge’. Some of the most amazing historic sites I’ve visited are barely mentioned by travel guides (if at all) and getting recommendations from history-lovers can lead to the most fantastic experiences. One of the key goals of Historvius is to help people share their knowledge of incredible historic places with others.”

The website is designed to allow users to add their own comments and photos to existing sites, and even create pages for historic places not listed. Mike Lewis adds, “You only need to provide the basics and then we’ll research any other information and add it to the entry, so you can upload a site even if you don’t know everything about it. We try to contact the official owners of all the historic sites that are uploaded and check with them to make sure all the information is correct. So it’s really all about easily sharing your experiences with others and getting your own particular passion for an historic place represented on the site. People can even just rate the sites they’ve been to.”

Another feature on the site allows users to plan out trips to various places and set up an itinerary to all the historic destinations. Lewis tells that they have created a “drag-and-drop system to build your day-by-day itinerary. You can use the map buttons to view each day individually (allowing you to judge the distance between sites to make sure you’re not being overly-ambitious!) and you can add your own notes to any historic site or day of your trip. Once you’re ready to go, select your print & save options and then hit the ‘generate itinerary’ button. This will generate your free pocket guidebook as a number of PDF files, which you can save and print.”

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