Life in the Middle Ages

Life in the Middle Ages lists the articles about how medieval people lived from day to day. This includes what people ate, wore, lived in and played in medieval times.

See also: Medieval Food and Medieval Sports

The brilliance of comitatus: aesthetics and society in early Anglo-Saxon England, by Kendra Mary Ann Adema

Pots and boundaries: On cultural and economic areas between Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages, by Paul Arthur

Some observations on mid-to-late medieval domestic planning in England, by Maija R. Bismanis

“Washing Off the Dust”: Baths and Bathing in Late Medieval Japan, by Lee A. Butler

Value and symbolic practices: objects, exchanges, and associations in the Italian courts (1450-1500), by Leah Ruth Clark

Ornamental structures in the medieval gardens of Scotland, by Scott Cooper

Female Dress and “Slavic” Bow Fibulae in Greece, by Florin Curta

Accidents among medieval children as seen from the miracles of six English saints and martyrs, by Eleanora C. Gordon

Sewerage in Ancient and Medieval Times, by Harold Farnsworth Gray

Narratives of a Nurturing Culture: Parents and Neighbors in Medieval England, by Barabara Hanawalt

From Iraq to Andalusia: The Early History of the Hobbyhorse, by Max Harris

A Study on the Earliest Representation of Garment & Accessories in the Figure Illustrations of ‘Nushi zhen’, by Yue Hu

The Medieval Peasant House, by J.G. Hurst

Daily Life in the Middle Ages – Iconography of Medieval Art and the Use of EDP, by Gerhard Jaritz

Cooking Pots as Indicators of Cultural Change: A Petrographic Study of Byzantine and Frankish Cooking Wares from Corinth, by Louise Joyner

Clothing Bodies, Dressing Rooms: Fashioning Fecundity in The Lisle Letters, by Catherine Mann

Documentary evidence for domestic buildings in Ireland c.400-1200 in the light of archaeology, by Hilary Murray

The world upside down. Secular badges and the iconography of the Late Medieval Period: ordinary pins with multiple meanings, by Sebastiaan Ostkamp

Anglo-Saxon costume: a study of secular civilian clothing and jewellery fashions, by Gale R. Owen-Crocker

Standards of Living, Order, and Prestige: Public Facilities in Early Fifteenth-Century Lviv (Lemberg), by Rostyslav Paranko

The Peasant Rusticus: Life near Paris in the Time of Clovis, by David Powell

Ovens in the early Medieval settlements of South-Western Slovakia, by Matej Ruttkay

Dogs, cats and horses in the Scottish medieval town, by Catherine Smith

Consumption patterns and living conditions inside Het Steen, the late medieval prison of Malines (Mechelen, Belgium), by Liesbeth Troubleyn

Poverty and richly decorated garments : a re-evaluation of their significance in the Vita Christi of Isabel de Villena, by Lesley K. Twomey

The Opposition of the Literati to the Game of Weiqi in Ancient China, by Paolo Zanon

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