A Short Catalogue of the Slavic Manuscripts in Vatopedi

A Short Catalogue of the Slavic Manuscripts in Vatopedi



Introduction: In the summer of 1992 a field trip of the NHRF led by Mr. Kriton Chrysoehoides worked for a month in the monastery of Vatopedi and identified the nine Slavic manuscripts that are described here. The manuscripts were kept in the first floor of the Panaghia tower where the library of the monastery has been situated since 1865, together with many Romanian old printed books. Some of the manuscripts bore traces of older numbers, but we do not know to what these number correspond.

No description of the manuscripts was found in the library, and we assume that the nine Slavic codices of Vatopedi have remained unknown to the Slavistic scholarly community, although two of them are mentioned in a work by Konstantin Dmitriev-Petkovic devoted to the monasteries of Mount Athos in the mid nineteenth century (K. P. DMITRIEV-PETKOVIC, Obzor AOonskih Drevnostej, Prilozenije k VImu tomu zapisok Imperatorskoj Akademii Nauk, Sankt-Peterburg 1865). It is quite significant that Dmitriev- Petkovic mentions only two Slavic manuscripts in his report about Vatopedi, although that at the time of his visit (1852) there were 150 Bulgarians in the monastery.

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