The Staffordshire Hoard

In September 2009 news of a spectacular discovery of Anglo-Saxon treasure was made public. Over the previous summer more than 1800 items dating back to the 7th or early 8th century were found in Staffordshire, England.

The artifacts come in mostly gold as well as silver, and consist mainly of pieces of weapons and armor.  This hoard is perhaps the most important collection of Anglo-Saxon objects found in England.

Our special section on the Staffordshire Hoard provides reports about the discovery, including how it was found and its importance, as well as all the news on where the artifacts will eventually go on display.


How the Staffordshire Hoard was Discovered – buried in a farmer’s field for about 1300 years, this article discusses how the Hoard was unearth

What is in the Hoard – read an early evaluation of what was found

What the Experts say about the Staffordshire Hoard – more detailed analysis of the contents of the Hoard and who may have buried them

Interview with Dr Kevin Leahy – the national finds adviser from the Portable Antiquities Scheme discusses his role in the discovery

Videos about the Staffordshire Hoard – nine videos that detail how the hoard was discovered to its display at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Images from the Staffordshire Hoard – some photographs from the discovery

Metal Detecting and Medieval Finds – the Staffordshire Hoard is just one example of how metal detectors are turning up all kinds of medieval artifacts.  Learn more about this practice and how to get involved


New research project begins on Staffordshire Hoard

Staffordshire Hoard is coming to America

Videos released on the Staffordshire Hoard conservation program

Staffordshire Hoard is worth £3.285 million

Tamsworth and Lichfield make their claims for the Staffordshire Hoard

Staffordshire Hoard should be kept in Staffordshire

Large Crowds come to see the Anglo-Saxon Treasure Hoard

More Videos on the Anglo Saxon Treasure Hoard Discovery

More news on the Anglo-Saxon treasure hoard discovery

Videos on the Anglo-Saxon treasure hoard discovery

Massive Anglo-Saxon hoard discovered

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