Fish and Fishermen In English Medieval Church Wall Paintings

Fish and Fishermen In English Medieval Church Wall Paintings

By Frederick Buller
Medlar Press, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-899600-98-4

Fred Buller is well respected as one of angling’s great historians but this book is something a little different. It’s a book that has been many years in the making and reveals Fred’s obsession with medieval representations of fishing, mainly on church walls. As you’d expect, Fred’s research has been exhaustive and this is likely to be a definitive text for anyone with an interest in the history of fishing and medieval paintings. Printed in full colour with the author’s photographs.

‘This is a most unusual book. Although medieval wall paintings in English churches have been the subject of serious study for well over a century, this is the first full-scale study to examine the evidence they provide for a particular activity in the Middle Ages – in this case, fishing. Often reading like a detective story, it is based not only on a vast knowledge of angling history gained through a lifetime of study, but also on visiting some 130 churches with relevant wall paintings, on tracking down antiquarian watercolours of paintings now lost or barely legible, and on correspondence with leading experts in related disciplines. The result is a pioneering and original contribution to knowledge, and a visual delight.’ – David Park, Courtauld Institute of Art (taken from the Foreword)

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