Saints’ Cults in the Celtic World

Saints’ Cults in the Celtic World

Edited by Steve Boardman, John Reuben Davies and Eila Williamson
Boydell and Brewer, 2009
ISBN: 9781843834328

The way in which saints’ cults operated across and beyond political, ethnic and linguistic boundaries in the medieval British Isles and Ireland, from the sixth to the sixteenth centuries, is the subject of this book. In a series of case studies, the contributions highlight the factors that allowed particular cults to prosper in, or that made them relevant to, a variety of cultural contexts. The collection has a particular emphasis on northern Britain, and the role of devotional interests in connecting or shaping a number of polities and cultural identities [Pictish, Scottish, Northumbrian, Irish, Welsh and English] in a world of fluid political and territorial boundaries. Although the bulk of the studies are concerned with the significance of cults in the insular context, many of the articles also touch on the development of pan-European devotions [such as the cults of St Brendan, The Three Kings or St George].


Rochester, Hexham and Cennrígmonaid: the movements of St Andrew in Britain 604-747, by James E. Fraser

The cults of Saints Patrick and Palladius in early medieval Scotland, by Thomas O Clancy

Personal names and the cult of Patrick in eleventh-century Strathclyde and Northumbria, by Fiona Edmonds

Bishop Kentigern among the Britons, by John Reuben Davies

Adjacent saints’ dedications and early Celtic History, by Karen Jankulak

Cuthbert the cross-border saint in the twelfth century, by Sally Crumplin

David of Scotland: Virum tam necessarium mundo, by Joanna Huntington

The cult of Saint George in Scotland, by Steven I Boardman

The cult of the Three Kings of Cologne in Scotland, by Eila Williamson

The medieval and early modern cult of St Brendan, by Jonathan M Wooding

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