The sigillography of the Ragman Roll

The sigillography of the Ragman Roll

McAndrew, Bruce A.

Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 129(1999), 663-752

The seals, originally attached to the deeds recording the fealties of the Scottish nobility to Edward I
of England in 1296, and described in Volume II, Appendix HI of Bain’s Calendar of Documents
relating to Scotland, have been analysed using computer database techniques, and correlated with
their owners on the notarially attested enrolments of the original deeds. The number identified has
been more than doubled to approximately 600. The pattern of seal appendage closely follows the
‘homage groups’ of the enrolments: seals associated with some groups are almost entirely present,
while those associated with others are completely lost, especially in the later sections of the
enrolment. Heraldic seals have been correlated with coats of arms found in early rolls of arms
wherever possible.

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