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The Traitor’s Tale, by Margaret Frazer

  The Traitor’s Tale (Dame Frevisse Series) By Margaret Frazer Berkley Prime Crime ISBN: 0425213706 Dame Frevisse of St. Frideswide’s nunnery is in London to assist her cousin Alice, the widowed Duchess of Suffolk, in burying her husband—but the late Duke was so hated that even being in the presence of his corpse is unsafe. […]

The Three Kings of Cologne, by Kate Sedley

  The Three Kings of Cologne By Kate Sedley Severn House ISBN: 0727864815 Alderman John Foster wishes to give his home city of Bristol a gift of almshouses, together with a chapel dedicated to The Three Kings of Cologne. To this end, he purchases a piece of land from the Magdalen Nunnery, but when this […]

Storyteller, by G.R. Grove

  Storyteller By G.R. Grove ISBN: 143030524X “Blood and fire, gold and steel and poetry, a river’s voice in the silence of the night, and the shining strings of a harp – all these and more I have known in my time… Now they are all gone, the men and women I knew when […]

Stolen Away, by Christopher Dinsdale

  Stolen Away By Christopher Dinsdale Napoleon Publishing ISBN: 1894917200 For young adults. Keira, kidnapped from her home in Ireland by the Viking hordes, is forced to travel as a slave to the legendary Vinland. Her masters attempt to settle in this new world, but Vinland is an island already claimed. While searching for a […]

The Silver Cup, by Constance Leeds

The Silver Cup   Constance Leeds Viking ISBN: 0670061573 For young adults: It’s the year 1095, and fifteen-year-old Anna longs for a different life in her small German village. But as the seasons turn, the year proves anything but ordinary. Her beloved youngest cousin disappears, and another cousin, Martin, runs away to join a murderous […]

The Religion: A Novel, by Tim Willocks

The Religion: A Novel By Tim Willocks Farrar, Straus and Giroux ISBN: 0-374-24865-6 The Religion is the first book of the Tannhauser Trilogy.  Suleiman the Magnificent, emperor of the Ottomans, has declared a jihad against the Knights of Saint John the Baptist. The largest armada of all time approaches the knights’ Christian stronghold on the […]

A Mortal Glamour, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

A Mortal Glamour By Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Juno Books ISBN: 0-8095-5794-0   A dark tale of obsession, possession, and passion set in the tumultuous atmosphere of 14th century France amidst the virulent onslaught of the Black Death, the ravages of the Hundred Years’ War, and the constant intrigues of a divided Church with two ruling Popes. […]

Mistress of the Art of Death, by Ariana Franklin

Mistress of the Art of Death: A Novel By Ariana Franklin Putnam ISBN: 0399154140   In medieval Cambridge, four children have been murdered. The Catholic townsfolk blame their Jewish neighbors, so to save them from the rioting mob, the Cambridge Jews are placed under the protection of the king. King Henry II is no friend […]

Midnight Eyes, by Sarah Brophy

Midnight Eyes   Sarah Brophy Zebra Books ISBN: 0821780948     A medieval historical romance set in England during the reign of William II.  Determined to claim his birthright, Robert Beaumont, a royal mercenary, must complete one final mission for the king to gain an estate, which entails saving–and marrying–the infamous Lady Deformed, a tormented […]

1212: Year of the Journey, by Kathleen McDonnell

1212: Year of the Journey By Kathleen McDonnell Second Story Press ISBN: 1-897187-11-4 For young adults: In a world where thousands are dying over matters of religion, where do you go? What do you believe? Who do you put your own faith in? These questions, so relevent to growing up in 2006, are also questions faced […]

Ysabel, by Guy Gavriel Kay

  Ysabel By Guy Gavriel Kay In this exhilarating, moving new work, Guy Gavriel Kay casts brilliant light on the ways in which history – whether of a culture or a family – refuses to be buried. Ned Marriner, fifteen years old, has accompanied his photographer father to Provence for a six-week “shoot” of images […]

Crusades: Destruction

Crusades: Destruction is the fourth part of the Crusades with Terry Jones series. Terry Jones reports on how Richard the Lionheart set out to do battle with the legendary Saladin and discovers that inevitably, Richard was an unsatisfactory hero. Terry then re-stages the Fourth Crusade as part of the Venice festival and finds out how […]

Crusades: Jihad

Crusades: Jihad is the third part of Crusades with Terry Jones. He describes how the crusaders lost Jerusalem in 1144 to Zengi, the Arab leader. A second crusade fell foul of Zengi’s son, Nur el-Din, who planned to surround the crusaders by gaining control of Egypt. For this he employed a Kurdish general – Shirkuh […]

Crusades: Jerusalem

Crusades: Jerusalem is the second part of the Crusades with Terry Jones. In this episode, the narrator sets out on the 1000-mile walk from the Bosporus to the Holy City – a journey that took the Crusaders two years. Terry recounts how four in five Crusaders died on the road trying to cross a mountain […]

Byzantium: The Lost Empire

For more than 1,000 years, the Byzantine Empire was the eye of the entire world – the origin of great literature, fine art and modern government. Heir to Greece and Rome, it was the first Christian empire, spanning 11 centuries and three continents. In the end, plundered and sacked by invaders, Byzantium nearly became extinct. […]

Wu Zhao: China’s Only Woman Emperor

Wu Zhao: China’s Only Woman Emperor By N. Harry Rothschild Longman, ISBN: 978-0-321-39426-2 Wu Zhao, Woman Emperor of China is the account of the first and only female emperor in China’s history. Set in vibrant, multi-ethnic Tang China, this biography chronicles Wu Zhao’s humble beginnings as the daughter of a provincial official, following her path to […]

Wu Zhao’s Remarkable Aviary

Despite these fertile pre-conditions, the biological fact that Wu Zhao was a woman presented serious problems in her effort to assume the dragon throne. Even in these open times, the Confucian bureaucracy held great political sway just as patriarchal values, which held to the principle that “the male is venerated and the female is denigrated” (nan zun nu bei 男尊女卑), still exerted tremendous social influence.

Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy

Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy By Charles Wendell David Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1920 This book covers the life of Robert Curthose, son of William the Conqueror, who was the Duke of Normandy from 1087 to 1106, when he was defeated and captured by his brother Henry I, King of England.   Contents CHAPTER 1: YOUTH […]

Travel Videos: Florence

Here are list of travel videos featuring the city of Florence (Firenze), Italy.

Leonardo da Vinci, Sculptor

In view of the ill-fated attempt of Geheimrat Bode to acquire, in the wax bust of the Flora, a real Leonardo for the Berlin Museum, writers have become more chary in attempting to assign works of sculpture to that artist.

Kiev and Constantinople: Cultural Relations before the Thirteenth Century

Kiev and Constantinople: Cultural Relations before the Thirteenth Century By Zinaida V. Udal’cova The Seventeenth International Byzantine Congress, Main Papers (New York, 1986)   Click here to read/download this article (PDF file)

The Background to Mantzikert

The Background to Mantzikert By Cyril Toumanoff  The Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Congress of Byzantine Studies (London, 1967)   Click here to read/download this article (PDF file)

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