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The Cult of Chinggis Khan

What do you really know about Chinggis Khan? In this episode of the Medieval Grad Podcast, Lucie Laumonier interviews Dotno Pount about the Mongol leader Chinggis Khan and what historians know about his life and afterlife. Dotno’s research focuses on how after Chinggis’ death he was worshipped as a divine royal ancestor within Mongol society.

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The Battle of Zonchio (1499)

In the first naval battle covered by Bow and Blade, Kelly and Michael discuss the Battle of Zonchio, fought on four separate days in August of 1499. The Ottoman and Venetian fleets fight off the coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea to determine who would control the waters of the eastern Mediterranean.

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Field Report: Kalamazoom 2022

This week on The Medieval Podcast, Danièle and Peter Konieczny report back on the 57th International Congress on Medieval Studies, affectionately known this year as “Kalamazoom”. Here are some favourite papers, some of the exciting new research going on in medieval studies and how the field is changing for the better.

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Sex and Sagas

Would you have sex with a troll woman? In this episode of the Medieval Grad Podcast, Lucie talks with Matthew Roby, who deciphers for us the dirty details of these Old Norse and Icelandic texts. Turns out there are a lot of them, and many include monstrous beings!


Trees have histories too, with Alexander Olson

A conversation with Alexander Olson about the secret lives of olive trees and oak trees in Byzantium. Contrary to what you may think, these were not cultivated consistently in the Mediterranean ecosystem of the Middle Ages; their uses to the human population fluctuated over time, giving the trees a history of their own, albeit one shaped by that of the people around them (and vice versa).

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Sagas and Gender

Did you know that Loki was a gender-bending God? In this episode of the Medieval Grad Podcast, Lucie Laumonier interviews Matthew Roby on sex and gender in Old Norse and Icelandic sagas. There were many gender-bending characters in these texts, informing us of the gender representations and roles of Norse societies.