Battle Castle: Malbork

The fifth episode of Battle Castle features the castle of Malbork, in Poland, and the siege by the forces of Poland and Lithuania, led by King Władysław II Jagiełło, against the Teutonic Knights, who were led by Heinrich von Plauen, in 1410.

Holy Dover!: Castles, Crossbows and the Poor Man’s Trebuchet on the third fantastic episode of Battle Castle

Dan Snow is back again for another awesome adventure in Dover. Relieve the medieval excitement of last night’s third episode of Battle Castle!

‘Battle Castle’ lays siege on-air and online

The show is an interactive, trans-medieval journey into castle engineering, bloody siegecraft, and epic clashes that transform mortals into legends. Hosted by UK celebrity Dan Snow, the show takes its viewers over six one-hour timeslots to Syria, France, Spain, Wales, Poland and England delving into the stories of six fascinating castles.

Battle Castle: Crac des Chevaliers

Trebuchets, earthquakes, Crusades and sweeping panoramas – you don’t want to miss a single minute of this fantastic first episode of Battle Castle!

Battle Castle – Interview with Nicole Tomlinson

I was so fascinated by the stories of the lives of the people and artifacts associated with these strongholds that I didn’t realize I actually wasn’t learning much about the castles themselves. The more I delved into researching the series, the more I wanted to see the technologies that built them (and sometimes brought them down) jump out of my imagination and into action.

Battle Castle – Interview with Ian Herring

In 21 years of filmmaking, I have never worked on a project where professional and personal interests have come together such an authentic way.

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