New video game aims to take players back to the 7th century

A new Kickstarter campaign is underway to help support the launch of Knights of Light, a historical action RPG set in Middle East. The gamemakers hope to immerse players in the seventh century, during the early Islamic era.

Created by Rumbling Games Studio, Knights of Light is set to be action adventure role playing game that offers over 60 hours of playing time. It is an open-world environment, allowing the players to roam around over 400 square-kilometres of territory. The gameplay focuses around the Battle of al-Qādisiyyah, fought in 636, which was a decisive battle between an Arab Muslim army and the Sassanid Persian Empire.

“This period in history is almost neglected and rarely introduced in gaming,” explains Mahammad Mostafa, a co-founder and development manager for Rumbling Games. “We want to present a fresh and original scope for gamers and history enthusiasts. Adding multicultural values and perspectives in the current gaming trend will generate great diversity.”

Image courtesy Rumbling Games Studio

The first versions of Knights of Light will be released on the gaming platform Steam within the next 12 months, and the completed of the game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

While the game is historically-based, there will also be fantasy elements, which  Mostafa notes are “based on the same Middle Eastern culture which again is unique and distinguished. We have decided to make the fantasy path as a side story with another side character. The choice is optional for the gamer if they want to follow this path and get some extra playing hours.”

Image courtesy Rumbling Games Studio

The Kickstarter campaign will be running until September 23rd, with an all-or-nothing goal of €100,000. Rumbling Games Studio is offering a variety of rewards to donors, including digital and physical copies of the game, and even a three-day guided tour of Egypt.

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