Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives

Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives

First aired in 2004:

Famous for lampooning the schoolboy view of the medieval world in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Terry Jones has a real passion for and detailed knowledge of the Middle Ages.

In Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives his mission is to rescue the Middle Ages from moth-eaten cliches and well-worn platitudes. Was medieval England full of knights on horseback rescuing fainting damsels in distress? Were the Middle Ages mired in superstition and ignorance? Why does nobody ever mention King Louis the First and Last?

Terry will start with a medieval archetype – the Knight, Peasant, Damsel and Monk, Outlaw, King, Merchant and Physician – and in the course of unravelling their role and function will meet a host of colourful real-life characters, recreating their world by visiting key locations.

Terry Jones and Alan Ereira are your guides to this most misrepresented and misunderstand period pointing you to things that will surprise and provoke. Medieval Lives accompanies a major BBC television series of the same name, and presents Medieval Britain as you have never seen it before – a vibrant society teaming with individuality, intrigue and innovation.


The Peasant

The Monk

The Damsel

The Minstrel

The Knight

The Philosopher (Alchemist)

The Outlaw

The King

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