Byzantine History

Byzantine history articles available through They include theses, journal articles and conference papers which cover the history of Byzantium from the 4th century to the fall of Constantinople in the  1453.

A Prôtospatharios, Magistros, and Strategos Autokrator of 11th century: The equipment of Georgios Maniakes and his army according to the Skylitzes Matritensis miniatures and other artistic sources of the middle Byzantine period, by Raffaele D’Amato – Porphyra, Supplement 4 (2005)

Streets and Public Spaces in Constantinople, by Albrecht Berger – Dumbarton Oaks Papers, No. 54 (2000

The First Siege of Constantinople by the Ottomans (1394-1402) and its Repercussions on the Civilian Population of the City, by Dionysios Bernincolas-Hatzopoulos – Byzantine Studies / Etudes Byzantines, Vol. 10:1 (1983)

The Treaty of Devol (1108) as an Example of the Byzantine Policy of “Divide and Rule”, by Azat Bozoyan – Armenian Studies Program, University of Michigan (2009)

Middle Byzantine Thessaloniki: Art, Architecture and History of the Ninth through Twelfth Centuries, by Amelia Robertson Brown – BA Thesis, Princeton, 1999

“The End Followed In No Long Time”: Byzantine Diplomacy And The Decline In Relations With The West from 962 to 1204, by Jeff Brubaker, MA Thesis, University of Arlington, 2009

Why Eastern Women Matter: The Influence of Byzantine Empresses on Western Queenship during the Middle Ages, by Nolen Bunker – Honors Thesis, Ohio State University, 2007

A translation and historical commentary on book one and book two of the Historia of Georgios Pachymeres, by Nathan John Cassidy – PhD Dissertation, University of Western Australia, 2004

The Role of the People in the Political Life of the Byzantine Empire: The Period of the Comneni and the Palaeologi,by Peter Charanis – Byzantine Studies / Etudes Byzantines, Vol. 5:1-2 (1978)

The trip of the Great Persian Embassies to Byzantium during the reign of Justinian I (527-565) and its logistics, by Ioannis Dimitroukas – BYZANTINA ΣΥΜΜΕΙΚΤΑ Vol. 18 (2008)

Heraclius and the Evolution of Byzantine Strategy, by Bob Ekkebus – Constructing the Past, Vol.10:1 (2009)

Justinian and the International Silk Trade, by Heleanor B. Feltham – Sino-Platonic Papers, No.194 (2009)

Towards a Social History of Byzantium, by John Haldon – A Social History of Byzantium (Wiley, 2009)

Wars and rumours of wars: England and the Byzantine world in the eighth and ninth centuries, by Jonathan Harris – Mediterranean Historical Review, Vol.14:2 (1999)

Foreign Relations and the End of Byzantium: The Use of Personal Diplomacy during the Reign of Constantine XI Palaiologos (1448 – 1453), by Adam William Hellebuyck, B.A. Thesis, University of Michigan, 2006

Toleration and Repression within the Byzantine Family: Gender Problems, by Judith Herrin – Toleration and repression in the Middle Ages (2002)

Constantine VIII and Michael Psellos: Rhetoric, Reality, and the Decline of Byzantium, AD 1025-28, by Gary J. Johnson – Byzantine Studies / Etudes Byzanines, Vol. 9:2 (1982)

Ammianus Marcellinus and Procopius of Caesarea : the eastern campaigns of Julian and Justinian, 4th and 6th centuries A.D., by Ian Kelso – MA Thesis, Dalhousie University, 1998

Procopius on Roman, Persian and Gothic Strategy near Dara and Rome, by Christopher Lillington-Martin – Lampeter Working Papers in Classics (2008)

Eirene Doukaina, Byzantine empress, A.D. 1067-1133, by Elizabeth C. Lundy – Master’s Thesis, University of Ottawa, 1988

The Emperor Majorian’s Secret Embassy to the Court of the Vandal Gaiseric, by Gerald E. Max – Byzantine Studies/Etudes Byzantines, Vol. 9:1 (1982)

Byzantium’s Role in the Formation of Early Medieval Civilization: Approaches and Problems, by Michael McCormick – Illinois Classical Studies, Vol.12:2 (1987)

The Sons of Hagar in Archbishop Eustathios᾽ The Capture of Thessaloniki: Some Evidence Concerning Late Twelfth Century Byzantine-Turkish Relations, by Gerasimos A. Merianos – Byzantina Symmeikta Vol.17 (1996)

The Female Desire for Imperial Authority in Byzantium: The Case of Zoe and Theodora, by Sanja Mesanovic – Toleration and Repression in the Middle Ages (2002)

Cases and Clauses: The Language of Exclusion in Byzantium, by Rosemary Morris – Toleration and Repression in the Middle Ages (2002)

Perspectives of Power: Byzantine Imperial Women, by Carina Nilsson – Preteritus: A Graduate History Journal, Vol. 1 (2009)

Byzantine Gold Coins and Jewellery: A Study of Gold Contents, by Andrew Oddy and Susan La Niece – Gold Bulletin, Vol.19:1 (1986)

The Social Structure of the Byzantine Countryside in the First Half of the Xth Century, by Nikos Oikonomides – BYZANTINA SYMMEIKTA Vol.10 (1996)

The Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) and the Western Way of War, by Gwen Perkins – Anistoriton Journal, vol. 11 (2008-2009)

Calculating Byzantium? Social Network Analysis and Complexity Sciences as tools for the exploration of medieval social dynamics, by Johannes Preiser-Kapeller – Historical Dynamics of Byzantium, No. 1 (2010)

Complex historical dynamics of crisis: the case of Byzantium, by Johannes Preiser-Kapeller, Historical Dynamics of Byzantium, No.4 (2010)

An analysis of the strategy and tactics of Alexios I Komnenos, by Jason Todd Price – Master’s Thesis, Texas Tech University, 2005

An account by John Cananus of the siege of Constantinople in 1422, by Margaret Helen Purdie – PhD Dissertation, University of Western Australia, 2009

The epidemic of Justinian (AD 542): a prelude to the Middle Ages, by Francois Retief and Louise P. Cilliers – Acta Theologica, Vol.26:2 (2006)

Malalas, The Secret History, and Justinian’s Propaganda, by Roger D. Scott, Dumbarton Oaks Papers, Vol. 39 (1985)

Military and civil administration under the Emperor Maurice, 582-602 : a reassessment, by Franziska E. Shlosser – PhD Dissertation, McGill University, 1980

A Crossroads of Civilizations: Byzantium, by David Talbot Rice – Journal of World History / Cahiers d’histoire mondiale, Vol. 13 (1971)

Internal Strife and Unrest in Later Byzantium, XIth-XIIIth Centuries (A.D. 1025-1261). The Case of Urban and Provincial Insurrections (Causes and Effects), by Alexis G.C. Savvides – Byzantina Symmeikta, Vol.7 (1993)

The Civil Administration of Byzantine Iberia According to the Seals, by Werner Seibt – Istoriani. Festschrift Roin Metreveli. (Tbilisi, 2009)

An Introduction to Byzantine Monasticism, by Alice-Mary Talbot – Illinois Classical Studies, Vol.12:2 (1987)

The campaigns of the Norman dukes of southern Italy against Byzantium, in the years between 1071 and 1108 AD, by Georgios Theotokis – PhD Dissertation, University of Glasgow, 2010

The Tactics and Strategy of Alexius Comnenus at Calavrytae, 1078, by Norman Tobias – Byzantine Studies / Etudes Byzantines, Vol. 6:1 (1979)

The development and decline of Romano-Byzantine archery from the fourth to the eleventh centuries, by Paul William Westermeyer – Master’s Thesis, Ohio State University, 199

Rural Fortifications in Western Europe and Byzantium, Tenth to Twelfth Century, by Mark Whittow – Byzantinische Forschungen v.21 (1995)

The Marian Relics at Constantinople, by John Wortley – Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies (2004 – 2008)

Reconstructing the Image of an Empress in Middle Byzantine Constantinople: Gender in Byzantium, Psellos’ Empress Zoe and the Chapel of Christ Antiphonites, by Giulia Zulian – Rosetta: Papers of the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity, Issue 2 (2007)

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