Medieval Articles and Theses Posted in October 2009

Here is the list of articles and theses posted to in October 2009:

Pope Gregory VII

The Distinctiveness of Palestinian Monasticism, 450-550 AD

Monks and Liturgies: The Influence of the Monasteries on the Development of the Medieval Liturgy

Monasticism in Cheshire, 1092-1300: A Tale of Mediocrity

The Motives of Patrons of the Order of St Lazarus in England in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

Jacquemart Gielee’s Renart le Nouvel: The Image of the Military Orders on the Eve of the Loss of Acre

Symbiotic Relations: Ulama and the Mamluk Sultans

The Financial Reforms of Sultan Qāytbāy

Monasticism in the Lives and Writings of Heloise and Abelard

Westminster Abbey and its Parish Churches, c.1050-1216

The Monastic Priest

Military Slavery in the Islamic World: 1000 Years of a Social-Military Institution

The Sons of al-Nāṣir Muḥammad and the Politics of Puppets: Where Did It All Start?

Post-settlement history of Icelandic forests

The Importance of the Siege of Acre during the Third Crusade, 1189-1192

Three Sources of Textual Evidence of Columbus, Crypto Jew

Heraclius and the Evolution of Byzantine Strategy

Philosophies of Imprisonment in Late Antiquity

James I and his Era. Brief Analysis of a Major Political and Cultural Inheritance

Barcelona, a Society and its Law: 11th-13th Centuries

The Borja Family: Historiography, Legend and Literature

The Other Saint Bernard: The ‘Troubled and Varied Career’ of Bernard of Abbeville, Abbot of Tiron


The People of Britain and Ireland, 1100–1400

The Uses of Literacy in Anglo-Saxon England and its Neighbours

Cultural geographies of the contact zone: Gaels, Galls and overlapping territories in late medieval Ireland

Documentary evidence for domestic buildings in Ireland c.400-1200 in the light of archaeology

Manorial organisation in early thirteenth-century Tipperary

The Vikings in Wales

Domestic Peace and Public Order in Anglo-Saxon Law

Electronic Analysis of Medieval Texts: The Case of Raoul de Soissons

Editing and Concording the “Dictionarius” of Firmin Le Ver (1440)

Towards a Text of the “Medulla Grammatice”: Procedures and Prospects in Editing a 15th-century Glossary

Maimonides and the Convert: A Juridical and Philosophical Embrace of the Outsider

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