Ancient Warfare

Ancient Warfare
Ancient Warfare

Edited by John Carman and Anthony Harding
The History Press, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7524-5471-9

The authors examine the evidence of warfare in the prehistoric and early historical period to throw fresh light on the motives and methods of the combatants. By integrating archaeological and documentary research, the contributors seek to explain why some sides gained and others lost in battle. They also cover the impact of warfare on the social and political developments of early chiefdoms and states, and look at weaponry and defensive structures.

Has 15 articles, including:

The elusive warrior maiden tradition – bearing weapons in Anglo-Saxon society, by Deborah J. Shepherd

The emergence of warrior aristocracies in later European pre-history and their long-tern history, by Kristian Kristiansen

The origins of warfare in the prehistory of Central and Eastern Europe, by John Chapman

The origins of warfare in the British Isles, by R.J. Mercer

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