Medieval Articles and Theses posted in August 2009

Here is the list of articles and theses posted to in August 2009:

Killing Cats in the Medieval Period: An Unusual episode in the history of Cambridge, England

Latin Charms of Medieval England: Verbal Healing in a Christian Oral Tradition

Geopolitical Relations in the European Middle Ages: History and Theory

English and Galician in the Middle Ages: A Sociohistorical Survey

Labor Use and Landlord Control: Sharecropping and Household Structure in Fifteenth-Century Tuscany

Palaces and the Street in Late-Medieval and Renaissance Italy

Transition to the Renaissance: Republican Values and Ideals in Florence and Siena, 1300-1500

Domestic violence in late-medieval Bologna

The Economic Role of the State in the Classical Islamic Literature: The Views of Ibn Taimiyah

The Muhtasib as Guardian of Public Morality in the Medieval Islamic City

Islamic archaeology in the Iberian peninsula and Morocco

The Seljuks of Rum in Turkish Republican Nationalist Historiography

Jean d’Arras and Couldrette: Political Expediency and Censorship in Fifteenth-Century France

Clustering a medieval social network by SOM using a kernel based distance measure

“Sweet Civility and Barbarous Rudeness”: a View from the Frontier. Abbot Ailred of Rievaulx and the Scots

Civilizing the Natives: State Formation and the Tudor Monarchy, c.1400-1603

The Anglo-Norman Civil War of 1101 Reconsidered

Metaphysics and Translating. An Exodus-quotation in Medieval Vernacular Literature

The Ethnic Composition of Medieval Epirus

Venice-Babylon: Foreigners and Citizens in the Renaissance Period (14th-16th Centuries)

Revolt and the Manipulation of Sacral and Private Space in 12th-Century Laon and Bruges

Visualising Urban Space: Rome’s Late Medieval Iconography from a Media Historical Perspective

Using Internet Resources for Researching Religious History: the Dominican Order in Medieval Spain as Case Study

Bridging Europe and Africa: Norman Sicily’s Other Kingdom

The Late Anglo-Saxon Psalter: Ancestor of the Book of Hours?

Abandonment of terminally ill patients in the Byzantine era. An ancient tradition?

Landscape and Perception: The Medieval Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela from an Archaeological Perspective

Romans, Barbarians and Provincials: Social Boundaries and Class Conflict in Late Roman Gaul

Understanding Samurai Disloyalty

Late medieval and 16th century urbanization – Stagnation, expansion or both?

Dialect in medieval Irish? Evidence from placenames

Who Poached the King’s Deer? A Study in Thirteenth Century Crime

Patterns of the Fall: Adam and Eve in the Old English Genesis A

The Purification of Women after Childbirth: A Window onto Medieval Perceptions of Women

Peacemaking Principles Drawn from Opposition to the Crusades, 1095-1276

Archdeacon Thomas of Split (1260-1268): A Source of Early Croatian History

The Old English Physiologus and the Homiletic Tradition

Exhuming Trotula, Sapiens Matrona of Salerno

Women and Crime in Later Mediaeval England: An Examination of the Evidence of the Courts of Gaol Delivery, 1388 to 1409

DE Monacho Superbo: BHG 1450x

The Iconography of the Felix Culpa

Charlemagne in Vincent’s Mirror: The Speculum Historiale as a Source of the Old Norse Karlamagnús Saga

Mediaeval Medicine and Arcite’s Love Sickeness

Phalerae Poetae and the Prophet’s New Words in the Anticlaudianus of Alan of Lille

The Ottoman influences on Croatia in the second half of the fifteenth century

Lucca in the Signoria of Paolo Guinigi, 1400-1430

“On Account of Scandal …”: Priests, Their Children, and the Ecclesiastical Demand for Celibacy

The iconographic evidence for maritime activities in the Middle Ages

Merchants, ports and hinterlands. The building of sea-port structures in the Early Modern Porto

Young Women in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

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