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Almost four years old, Richard Scott Nokes blog, Unlocked Wordhoard, is considered to be one of the must reads among medievalist bloggers. Nokes is a professor of medieval literature at Troy University in Alabama, United States.  His academic interests include Old English and popular medievalism.

Unlocked Wordhoard

In June 2005 he started his  blog and updates it several times a week, with posts on a wide variety of topics including Old English and academic life.  He also regularly posts his Morning Medieval Miscellany, which is a selection of the latest posts from other medievalist bloggers.  His posts also generate many interesting and insightful comments.

In May 2009, we interviewed Richard Scott Nokes at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, which is held at the University of Western Michigan.

Selected Highlights from Unlocked Wordhoard:

Learn Old English with the Wordhoard – part of a series of posts on this subject

Renaissance Faires — Stinky and Crowded?

Barriers and Academic Blogging

Elves and Fairies

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