The Medieval Translator – Traduire au Moyen Age

The Medieval Translator – Traduire au Moyen Age: Lost in Translation? Actes du colloque de Lausanne, 17-21 juillet 2007

Edited by D. Renevey and C. Whitehead
Brepols, 2009
ISBN 978-2-503-53139-7

The central role played by the act of translation in the transmission and reformulation of knowledge between late antiquity and the close of the Middle Ages has been the subject of investigation of the Cardiff Conferences on the Theory and Practice of Translation in the Middle Ages for several years. In an intellectual landscape where texts, originally generated in Greek, were successively translated into Latin, often Arabic, and then, several centuries later, into a wide range of European vernacular languages, it is now acknowledged that a detailed understanding of the nature of translation practice can provide important information about the relation between successive intellectual periods, elucidating the way in which later cultures represent earlier ones through the repossession and presentation of their texts, symbols and ideas.


Translating Old English Poetry: What about Grammar? – COLETTE STEVANOVITCH

The Old English Translations of the Verba Seniorum in late eleventh-century Worcester – WINFRIED RUDOLF

Translating (and Translocating) Miracles: Gregory’s Dialogues and the Icelandic Sagas – SIÂN GRØNLIE

Negative Capability in the Study of Early Printed Texts: Aelfred of Rievaulx’s Vita Sancti Edwardi in the Gilte Legende and in Caxton’s Golden Legende – MARSHA L. DUTTON

‘Cut from Its Stump’: Translating Edward the Confessor and the Dream of the Green Tree – JENNIFER N. BROWN

Dante on Translation – DOMENICO PIETROPAOLO 

Chaucer Translates from Italian – PIERO BOITANI

Lords and Brothels: Aspects of Bilingualism in the Middle English Mirror – THOMAS GIBSON DUNCAN

Excuse my French: Bilingualism and Translation in Lancastrian England – ALESSANDRA PETRINA

When the Right Word Really Matters: Practical Translation in a Fifteenth-Century Leechbook – MARGARET CONNOLLY

A Knight Errant in the Seventeenth Century: Tom a Lincoln and Medieval Romance – MONICA SANTINI

La Matière des Echecs amoureux, d’Evrart de Conty à Reson and Sensuallyte – CAROLINE BOUCHER et JEAN-PASCAL POUZET

Le Prologue du Livre Flave Vegece de la chose de chevalerie et la question de son attribution – LUDMILA EVDOKIMOVA

‘oonly consent of love is sufficient for matrimonie’: Translating John Wyclif’s Word of the Mind – ALASTAIR J. MINNIS

Nicholas Love’s Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ and the Politics of Vernacular Translation in Late Medieval England – MICHAEL G. SARGENT

The Non-Dissenting Vernacular and the Middle English Life of Christ: The Case of Love’s Mirror – IAN JOHNSON

The Livre de l’instruction du cuer de l’ame devote:  A Medieval French Translation of De doctrina cordis – ANNE ELISABETH MOURON

Translating Lady Margaret Beaufort: A Case of Translation as Compensatory Power – STEPHANIE MORLEY

Translation, Suspended: Literary Code-Switching and Poetry of Sea Travel – JONATHAN HSY

Found in Translation – JAMES F. KNAPP and PEGGY A. KNAPP

‘Translations’ of the Girdle: Cultural and Devotional Signs in Fourteenth-Century England – CATHERINE BATT

St Cinderella, a Virgin Martyr: Literary and Iconographic Translations of the Legend of St Margaret of Antioch – JULIANA DRESVINA

Illumination Translates: The Image of the Castle in Some Fourteenth-Century English Manuscripts – SABINA ZONNO

From Idea to Image: A Visual Translation of the Aerial Flight of Alexander the Great – STEPHANIE SEAVERS

From Saga to Comics: Njáls Saga and the Graphic Novels of Embla Yr Bárudóttir and Ingólfur Örn Björgvinsson – FULVIO FERRARI


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