Articles and Theses Posted in January 2009

Here is the list of articles posted on the website in January 2009:

The Ideology and Technology Of Creating Online Full-Text Digital Collections of Ancient and Medieval Slavonic Literary Texts

Exploiting Chivalry: Contemporary America’s Medieval Romance

Not Your Typical Knight: The Emerging On-Screen Defender

That’s Accuracy Got to Do with It? Historicity and Authenticity in Medieval Film

Authenticating Realism in Medieval Film

The Reel Joan of Arc: Reflections on the Theory and Practice of the Historical Film

State Formation and Periodization in Inner Asian History

Afanasii Nikitin: An Orthodox Russian’s Spiritual Voyage in the Dar al-Islam, 1468–1475

The Mongols and the West

The Identification of Persons in the Middle Ages: Results From the First “Freiburger Bürgerbuch” (1341-1416)

Background, Social Situation and Form of Living of Women in Hessian Cloisters of the Late Middle Ages

Daily Life in the Middle Ages – Iconography of Medieval Art and the Use of EDP

Social History and Computer: The Construction Yard of the Cathedral of Orvieto between the 14th and the 15th Century

Authorship and the Computer: An Anonymous Piece of Late Medieval Devotional Literature

A Prôtospatharios, Magistros, and Strategos Autokrator of 11th century: The equipment of Georgios Maniakes and his army according to the Skylitzes Matritensis miniatures and other artistic sources of the middle Byzantine period

Coins, Money of Account and Price Movements: The Lower Rhine Region in a European Context: 1350-1800

A Classification of Peasants Attached to Land in Byzantium of the 14th Century

A Quantitative Evaluation of Demographic, Gender and Social Transformation Theories of the Rise of European Witch Hunting 1300-1500

On the Course of Temperature in Central Europe since the Year 1000 A.D

Typology of Medieval Historiography Reconsidered: A Social Re-interpretation of Monastic Annals, Chronicles and Gesta

Against the Lord’s anointed: aspects of warfare and baronial rebellion in England and Normandy 1075-1265

Mendicant Orders and Urban Life in the Middle Ages I: the Franciscans – some aspects on German historiography since World War II

Mendicant Orders and Urban Life in the Middle Ages II: the Dominicans – some aspects on German historiography since World War II

Urban Communities and Dominican Communities In Castile-León Crown During Middle Ages: A Historiographical Outcome

The Jewish communities in Portuguese late medieval cities: space and identity

A Pilgrimage of Faith, War, and Charity. The Order of the Hospital from Jerusalem to Malta

From Islam to Christianity: the Case of Sicily

The Role of Arianism in the Vandal Kingdom

Roger Bacon’s life and ideas in Russian historiography

The Bishop’s Palace at Kirkwall

The location of the fall of Olaf Tryggvason

Stature as a criterion of the nutritional level of Viking Age Icelanders

Iceland in the Saga Period: Some Geographical Aspects

Barbarian Incursions: The Coming of the Turks into the Islamic World

Changes in the Middle East (950-1150) as Illustrated by the Documents of the Cairo Geniza

Societies in Symbiosis: The Mudejar-Crusader Experiment in Thirteenth Century Mediterranean Spain

The Social Structure of Russia in the Early Middle Ages

The Role of the People in the Political Life of the Byzantine Empire: The Period of the Comneni and the Palaeologi

The First Siege of Constantinople by the Ottomans (1394-1402) and its Repercussions on the Civilian Population of the City

Theodoricus Monachus and the Icelanders

King Olaf Gudrødsson

Cosmic Foreordination and Human Commitment: The Tragic Volition in Three Kingdoms

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