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July 2011

The weight of medieval armour could cause defeat in battle, new research finds

Database explains strange survival of irregular verbs

British Library announces £9m campaign to acquire the St Cuthbert Gospel – the earliest intact European book

Newly rediscovered Da Vinci painting to go on display at the National Gallery

A Dance with Dragons, the fifth novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, released

Medieval graffiti reveals how ordinary people practised their faith

International Medieval Congress to examine disabilities, deserving and undeserving poor, in the Middle Ages

Medieval Sites in Italy, Syria, Turkey and Vietnam added to World Heritage List

Codex Calixtinus stolen from Santiago de Compostela

Viking silver coin hoard discovered in northern England

Scholars examine life and writings of Jocelin of Furness

June 2011

New Byzantine and Roman galleries open at the Royal Ontario Museum

Medieval advice to pregnant mothers: don’t drink water, have wine instead

Bodies of 17 Jews from Medieval Norwich may have been mass-murder victims, scholars believe

Medieval painting discovered at Oystermouth Castle in Wales

1500-year-old building discovered at Acre

Infrared Photography reveals new details in medieval art

How much meat did medieval people eat?

Did Giotto create the Shroud of Turin?

Medieval Nuns knew their fashion, historian finds

May 2011

Fashion in the Middle Ages exhibition begins at the Getty

Faces of medieval people revealed at Stirling Castle

More archaeological finds being report in UK, British Museum reports

Stolen 14th-century Italian painting found in the United States

Ruins of 13th-century castle discovered in northern England

Remains of Medieval Village found in Cheshire

Illuminating Fashion: Dress in the Art of Medieval France and the Netherlands – new exhibition at The Morgan Library and Museum

Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources project nears completion

Digital Images of Yale’s Vast Cultural Collections Now Available for Free

In royal absence: The making of an Icelandic aristocracy, 1271–1387

Archaeological team to investigate medieval town in East Africa

Remains of Gawthorpe Hall discovered in Yorkshire

The forgotten children of medieval London

Viking houses discovered in Dublin

April 2011

Viking Shipyard discovered on the Isle of Skye

Museum to reveal treasures of Anglo-Saxon princess

British Museum to host “Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relic and Devotion in Medieval Europe”

William, Agnes, among the most common names in medieval England

$20 Million of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts donated to the University of Pennsylvania

32nd Annual Medieval and Renaissance Forum at Plymouth State University

Midlands Viking Symposium to explore the legacy of the Vikings in Ireland

Face of Viking Woman Reconstructed

Research uncovers connections between charcoal and the church in medieval Norway

Immigration issues take forefront at the Medieval Academy of America meeting

7th century plough discovery redraws map of rural England by 400 years

Videos released on the Staffordshire Hoard conservation program

Remains of Crusader / Templar army discovered in Israel

Shetland’s Viking Age to be explored in research project

New Publisher: Punctum Books offers outlet for non-conventional medievalists

Learn Latin at Ohio Dominican University this summer

New Mappa Mundi Exhibition at Hereford Cathedral

March 2011

Rare 15th century copy of Book of Calculation by Fibonacci goes up for auction

Cardigan Castle receives £4.7m grant

Centres of royal power: New findings about the realms of medieval itinerant kings

Sims: Medieval released

Medievalists and the 2012 rankings for Best Graduate Schools in the US

How accurate were medieval chroniclers in describing warfare?

Rare Medieval Jewish Manuscript to be displayed at The Met

Leprechauns, mermaids, were the descendants of Cain, according to medieval Irish text

Archaeologists meet in Orkney

‘Visualising the Late Antique City’ project receives funding

An English Royal Wedding – from the Middle Ages

The face of Owain Glyndŵr revealed

Medieval Castle in Wales reopens to the public

Scholar discovers 6th-century Ethiopian Old Testament

Archaeologists explore Battle of Bannockburn site

Exhibition: The Great Lost Library of Alcuin’s York

February 2011

Norfolk Graffiti project wins national award

Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics and Devotion in Medieval Europe – now at the Walters Art Museum

Medieval Churches in England receive funding for repairs

Witan Publishing offers epublishing service for medieval scholars

Irish medieval fishing site will be ‘lost to the tide’

Killing Kings: Patterns of Regicide in Europe, AD 600–1800

Dozens of medieval finds reported in Scotland’s treasure trove

Mysterious Voynich manuscript dates back to the 15th century

Byzantine church and mosaic floor uncovered in Israel

January 2011

Website features the history of Yorkshire Dales

Schedule released for the 2011 International Congress on Medieval Studies

The Neighbour and the Jew in Medieval England

John Rylands Library to digitize late medieval Koran

Gale Adds Medieval and Renaissance Works to British Literary Manuscripts Online

Historian dispels myths about Eleanor of Aquitaine and the role of women on the Second Crusade

Church discovery sheds light on medieval mystery

Account of the Viking Siege of Paris offers new insights into the early Middle Ages

Crusaders massacre of Jerusalem was done in cold-blood, not religious frenzy, historian argues

Scientists examine medieval painting at the Tower of London

The Dance of Death in the Middle Ages: Image, Text, Performance

Undergrad thesis: ‘Feathered Funerals: Birds in Early Anglo-Saxon Burial Rites’ wins award

Historian uncovers new insights into Jewish Religious life in the Byzantine empire

Research on Japanese pirates in the 15th and 16th centuries

The ‘mad’ Egyptian scholar who proved Aristotle wrong

December 2010

Top Ten Medieval Stories of 2010

Medieval Scotland database launched

Tens of thousands of Song Dynasty coins discovered in China

Did the Scots visit Iceland? New research reveals island inhabited 70 years before Vikings thought to have arrived

13th century Welsh chapel to be restored

Remains of medieval monastery opened to the public in UAE

National Library of Wales creates website for 15th century manuscript

Reviews in History publishes its 1,000th review

How medieval peasants prayed – research from Sweden

Gothic Ivories Project website launched

Book on Wollaton Medieval Manuscripts published

Hirschfeld Named Director of University of Tennessee’s Medieval and Renaissance Institute

Tiny letters found on the Mona Lisa, researcher finds

Medieval scholar to take one-year trip to explore Iceland’s sagas

Disease, Disability and Medicine in Early Medieval Europe workshop at the University of Nottingham

Museum Secrets – New Television Series to Premiere in January!

Medieval England had a per capita income over $1000, research shows

Historvius – new history travel portal website

Rewriting history: royal conspiracies in late medieval England

Student wins scholarship to study early medieval Scottish history

November 2010

Christopher Columbus was the son of a Polish king, historian says

Major medieval library in Amsterdam may have collection sold off

Henry III Fine Rolls Project almost complete

Thomas Noble named Vice-President of American Catholic Historical Association

Scottish town of Dunfermline to get museum, art gallery

Rare photos of Sutton Hoo excavation go on display

Handguns from the Battle of Towton discovered

Native American came to Iceland over a thousand years ago, research finds

Medieval walls of Kilmallock continue to be restored

History Professor Publishes Groundbreaking Book on Monasticism and Gender

Relics of Richard II discovered at the National Portrait Gallery

Getty Museum hosts exhibition: Imagining the Past in France, 1250—1500

Medieval Manuscript expects to fetch up to £2 million at auction

Moravian Conference Will Explore Medieval Era from a Variety of Perspectives

£7.5m project to revitalize Chester Cathedral

Medieval Week comes to Edinburgh

Harlech Castle in Wales to get upgrades

Battlefields, Historic Sites, to get heritage protection in Scotland

The Bangor Pontifical Project celebrates first anniversary

Early medieval manuscripts give new view of English life under the Normans

Black Death came from China, study finds

How did the Baltic Crusades shape European society as we know it today?

Medieval Warwick study day

October 2010

Just what medieval movies need – Zombies

Finding Traces of the Princes of Gwynedd

British Library, Qatar Foundation, to work together to digitize historical documents

Council for British Archaeology launches new online bibliographic service

Scholars to Discuss Jewish/Christian Relations in the Middle Ages at Southern Connecticut State University

Exeter Cathedral awarded £45,800

Students receive $50 000 to create Virtual Joust game

Oxford Centre for Asian Archaeology, Art and Culture officially opens

Anglo-Saxon Leper Hospital discovered in Winchester

The Codex Manesse and the Discovery of Love at Heidelberg University

Repairs needed at medieval chapel in Bradwell Abbey

Medieval Frontiers at War symposium to take place in Spain

Medieval Observatory discovered in Iran

Estate of Margaret Wade Labarge donates art collection to the National Gallery of Canada

Book – Richard Rolle and His Readers: Defining the Literary in the Fifteenth Century – receives fellowship

Who Ate All the Pigs in Medieval Denmark?

29th International Conference of the Charles Homer Haskins Society takes place next month

Meeting “reinvented our understanding of medical manuscripts” in the High Middle Ages

Bangor University commemorates medieval historian J. E. Lloyd

22nd International Congress on Byzantine Studies to take place in Bulgaria

Saxonhouse offers visitors the chance to see 7th century life

New visitor centre for the Battle of Bannockburn

Sealing the Fate of the Newport Ship

13th century ‘travel lodge’ found by Time Team

Medievalist creates new typography to honour 1000th anniversary of the Kingdom of Leon

6th century Byzantine mosaic uncovered in Israel

Reading Europe: European culture through the book

Medieval Professor co-edits book on The Material Culture of Daily Living in the Anglo-Saxon World

Sheffield Cathedral receives funding to promote its heritage

Hereford Mappa Mundi gets £50,000

Tour the City Walls of Dublin on your iPhone

The Bellarmine Museum of Art to open this month

Google Translate goes Latin

September 2010

Hakluyt Society books to be available as Print on Demand and ebooks

Underground Museum in Krakow reveals city’s medieval history

Acre, Crusades get spotlight in international history conference

Call for Papers: Hortulus: The Online Graduate Journal of Medieval Studies

University of Sydney hosts Celtic studies conference

The World of Khubilai Khan: Chinese Art in the Yuan Dynasty – Exhibition at the Met

Medieval manor house and Roman road discovered in Kent

British Library digitises Greek manuscripts

Online Map shows Medieval Lincoln

Artificial Intelligence used to study Gothic Cathedrals

Special issue of Reading Medieval Studies to focus on the crusades

Negotiating Trade: Commercial Institutions and Cross-Cultural Exchange in the Medieval and Early Modern World

Robin Hood DVD released

Meet Helen Cassidy – Castle seller

Viking Fortress Discovered in Ireland

Medieval Manuscript held in the British Library to be returned to Italy

Stirling Castle hosts “Secrets of the Skeletons”

Vatican Library reopens after restoration

Robin Hood: From Medieval Outlaw to Postmodern Media Creature – undergraduate class begins

New book examines Christian-Muslim cooperation in art in medieval Iraq

Book on medieval astrology wins award

Rare Medieval Bible bought by American University

Early 19th-century edition of Chaucer’s works uncovered

New Zealand medieval scholar wins award from university

Moothill at Scone’s Palace about a thousand years old, archaeologists find

Project examines 13th century music

Medievalists work to restore damaged 14th century manuscript

Public invited to explore medieval hospital in Winchester

Rare Anglo-Saxon treasure sees the light of day

Project to examine images of Hell in the medieval churches of Crete

The Impact of Diasporas on the Making of Britain: Evidence, Memories, Inventions

Lawyers Laid Bare: The Private Lives of Medieval and Early Tudor Lawyers

International Medieval Congress to focus on Travel and Exploration

Textus Roffensis: Law, Language and Libraries in Early Medieval England

Project Gargoyle begins in Leicestershire

The ultimate cold case: Anthropologist ‘bones up’ on site of early medieval invasion

Call for Papers: Love, Friendship, Marriage, at the Plymouth State University Medieval and Renaissance Forum

Harold Bluetooth’s Palace discovered and other medieval archaeology news

Project reveals 1300 years of history for Peterborough and its Cathedral

Staffordshire Hoard nominated Best Archaeological Discovery in Great Britain

Archaeologists find remains of Nevern Castle in Wales

Previous Headlines

Medieval Castle begins to emerge in America’s heartland

Tests confirm that bones are from a medieval queen

Medieval Academy of America may move conference out of Arizona because of immigration law

BBC History Magazine’s June issue has a medieval focus

The Likeness of the King: A Prehistory of Portraiture in Late Medieval France wins award

God’s Philosophers: How the medieval world laid the foundations of modern science

Medievalist awarded Guggenheim Fellowship to research Chaucer

Medieval Badge with Three Lions Discovered – an omen for England at the World Cup?

Letter of Sir William Wallace to be studied by historians

Medieval Teen Saint died of cardiac embolism, study says

Historian reveals new insights into medieval rune stones

University of Cambridge to create Digital Library for the 21st Century

Did the Crusaders have a Muslim ally in the First Crusade?

May 2010

Spinning in the Era of the Spinning Wheel, 1400-1800

Ivy offers protection for historical buildings, study says

New Online Medieval Manuscript Database has over 7000 pages

Grave of Charlemagne remains a mystery

Face of a Medieval Knight Revealed

Restoration completed in Chapter House of Westminster Abbey

Get married in the ruins of a medieval church

Medieval African discovered in England

April 2010

Anglo-Saxon treasures revealed by Parker Library website

Museum’s digitization projects offers access to medieval manuscripts

Conference to expose the hidden history of underwear in the Middle Ages

England’s 700 year old Coronation Chair to be restored

Internet Archive reaches Two Million Free Texts

Launch of the Online Froissart provides digital access to famous medieval chronicle

The Walters Art Museum to digitize 38 000 medieval manuscript pages

March 2010

Pictish symbols revealed to be a written language

Meals of The Last Supper grew bigger in the last thousand years

Summers were wetter in the Middle Ages than they are today

Canterbury Tales manuscript to be digitized

Brock University hosts symposium showcasing its Medieval Documents

Victims of Medieval Massacre Site were Vikings

Giotto’s beautiful art can once again be seen through ultraviolet light

Replica of ninth-century ship sails across the Indian Ocean

Used Bookseller inspired by Medieval Bookshops

This is 15th Century English, but what does it say?

February 2010

Medieval scholar examines anti-French poem from the 12th century

Historic Minaret collapses in Morocco

Bosworth Battlefield conference adds more insights into its rediscovery

Exact Location of the Battle of Bosworth revealed

New Online Collection of Medieval Texts

Did a Meteorite cause a mini ice-age in the sixth century?

Jerusalem’s Byzantine-era main street unearthed

Medieval Dubrovnik’s aqueduct and water supply

Scholar examines reports of solar eclipses in the Middle Ages

January 2010

Palaeography programme at King’s College London faces elimination

Medieval Gatehouse for sale in England

Over 5000 medieval historical novels, scholar finds

Medieval Professor sues Norweigian government over firing

Remains of Eadgyth, Anglo-Saxon Queen, discovered in German Cathedral

“Girl Power”: study shows how changes to marriage patterns changed women’s lives in the Late Middle Ages

New Librarian at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies

Overlooked account of the First Crusade provides new insights into the Venetian role

Medieval Glass at York Minster saved from Fire

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December 2009

How the Byzantines dealt with Werewolves

Tomb of Cao Cao, famous Chinese ruler, discovered

Archaeological project reveals Sweden’s oldest church, evidence of early Christianity

Study reveals how a Muslim family thrived in Christian-ruled Spain for nearly 300 years

Murder in Medieval London was relatively low, study says

Book reproduces famous documents from the Vatican Secret Archives

Ewloe Castle and surrounding land sold for £838,000

Documents shed light on the mysterious death of James III of Scotland

Archaic Mark is a modern forgery, not a medieval manuscript

Remains of Pere III of Aragon Discovered

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November 2009

Victoria & Albert Museum unveils its Medieval and Renaissance Galleries

Virtual Medieval Cathedral created

Staffordshire Hoard is worth £3.285 million

Paris rediscovers its first medieval fortifications

Website Launched on Medieval Monasteries in Wales

Byzantine strategy goes under the spotlight in the past and present

6th Century Cross is restored by the Vatican

Pope speaks on the inspirational power of medieval cathedrals and art

How Sweden conquered Finland in the Middle Ages

What Toys did Byzantine Children Play With?

Brain surgery was performed in ninth-century Ireland

Medieval Apples were Healthier than Modern Ones

Remains of 1,000 people recovered from one of Ireland’s largest medieval cemeteries

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October 2009

Renaissance Capitalist: New Research Answers Mystery About Illegitimate Daughter of Pope

Site of the Battle of Bosworth discovered

Journal of Art Historiography

Historians Reassess Battle of Agincourt

The History of Byzantium – One Twitter post at a time

Swedish Castle for Sale

September 2009

The Jewel Accounts of Henry III of England

Massive Anglo-Saxon hoard discovered

Scholar examines marriage in late medieval Valencia

Medieval Greenland abandoned but not forgotten, study finds

Medieval pirates plundered the Baltic Sea, study finds

August 2009

Major Viking hoard acquired by two British Museums

Letter shows another late medieval expedition to Canada

English crusaders settled in 12th century Spain, study finds

Call for medieval battlefields to be preserved in Wales

15th-century Fresco discovered in ruins of L’Aquila earthquake

July 2009

Monasteries of Ely and Bury St Edmunds feuded over church

Mosiac uncovered in Hagia Sophia

Hundred Years War Online Database Launched

Vinland Map is authentic, expert confirms

Medieval massacre site found in Dorset

International Medieval Congress – Interview with Axel E. W. Müller

June 2009

Stirling Castle Skeleton Reveals Violent Life Of A Medieval Knight

Medieval Scottish soldiers fought wearing bright yellow war shirts

Medieval Jewish cemetary to remain in Toledo

Canadian Scholar Discovers Medieval Book for Women

Archaeological discovery of Norse presence on Baffin Island

May 2009

Over-Fishing in the Middle Ages lead to Marine Declines

Thomas Becket paintings unveiled in Spain

Medieval Professor uncovers Crusading Families

Scholar Delves into Medieval Cardinal’s Obsession with Hunting

April 2009

Medieval Studies program at Queen’s University facing suspension

Damage to medieval landmarks in L’Aquila severe

Dog sacrifices in Medieval Hungary

Earthquake hits medieval Italian city of L’Aquila

Writings in the Alhambra translated

March 2009

El Cid written by an Arab poet, historian says

1000 Year Old Fish Trap found with Google Earth

New account found about Robin Hood

Cologne City Archive Collapses

February 2009

Medieval water mill found in Greenwich

Archaeological dig uncovers rare 13th century ceramic face-mask jug in Scotland

January 2009

Medieval Church discovered in Palmyra

Gascon Rolls – Important medieval records to go online

Researchers find Moors used powdered animal bones to strengthen walls close to Alhambra Palace