Medieval Videos has its own Youtube Channel – where we are uploading our videos to give you some unique content about the Middle Ages. We now have over seventy videos that offer interviews, book reviews, and short features on medieval topics.

What is Medieval Military History and Why Does it Matter? – Lecture by Professor John France, given at the symposium: Dancing With Death: Warfare, Wounds and Disease in the Middle Ages, in October 2010

The Longbow Debate – How Effective Was the Longbow, and What Damage Did it Do? A debate between Kelly DeVries and Clifford Rogers from October 2010

The Barbican in Krakow – Sandra Sadowski takes you on a tour of the late-medieval gate that protected the Polish city of Krakow

The Black Death – a short video detailing the plague that struck  medieval world in the 14th century. Part of our special feature on the topic.

Domesday Book – a video guide to this important 11th century text. Part of our special feature on the topic.

Interviews – we are speaking with historians, authors and other medievalists

Book Reviews – we are starting to do video book reviews, where we evaluate the latest medieval books

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There are also many more great videos on Youtube and other websites, and we are building up two sections of videos for our viewers to watch:

Lectures – dozens of academic lectures given at universities and conferences that deal with a wide range of medieval topics

Documentaries – done for television or online, these videos give some great visuals of the Middle Ages