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Book of the Month: Templars: The Knights Who Made Britain

Templars: The Knights Who Made Britain

By Steve Tibble

Yale University Press
ISBN: 978-0-300-26445-6

Examines the Knights Templar and their activities in the British Isles. The military order was an important player in the Crusades of the 12th and 13th centuries, but their role in England, Scotland and Ireland is a story of politics, fundraising and managing an international organization.


There is no shortage of books on the Templars. On the contrary, there are far too many. The problem lies in the fact that most are closer to fiction than to the true story. This is a great shame, and completely unnecessary – the reality of the Templar achievement, in Britain and beyond, is so rich and so extraordinary that it needs no embellishment. There is undoubtedly a lot of fun to be had with the obsessions of popular culture – with Holy Grails, Assassins and Illuminati. But it is important not to confuse it with history. This book tries to redress that balance and to create a more rounded view of the British Templars.


Who is this book for?

One can see a large audience for this book – it straddles the line of being a popular and an academic work, and covers perennially widely-read topics such as the Crusades, English (and Scottish and Irish) history, and the Templars themselves. Tibble has a great writing style, making this a very easy read.

The author:

Full disclosure: Steve Tibble is a friend of who has already penned several articles on the website. While he did a PhD earlier his life, he has only returned to the academic world in recent years after a career in the private sector. This is his third book with Yale University Press, with two others on the crusades. You can learn more about Steve on his website, or follow him on X/Twitter or Instagram.


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