Book of the Month Club: Formal Combats in the Fourteenth Century

Our next book in the Book of the Month Club will be Formal Combats in the Fourteenth Century, by Steven Muhlberger.

Formal Combats in the Fourteenth Century presents the lifetime of scholarship by respected professor Steven Muhlberger in an accessible format that will engage both scholars and amateur enthusiasts alike. He examines formal combats both among nobles and non-nobles, questioning what these deeds meant practically, culturally, and morally. This is the first time the book is available as a print edition. You can read more about the book from Witan Publishing.


It is available for our readers based in the United States and Canada who sign up to our Patreon page at the $35 (US) level before the end of June. When you sign up through our Patreon page, your payment gets deducted at the beginning of each month. Then we will send your shipping information to the author who will send you the book.

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