Book of the Month Club: Chivalry and the Medieval Past

Our next book in the Book of the Month Club will be Chivalry and the Medieval Past, edited by Katie Stevenson and Barbara Gribling

Published in 2016, the book features eight articles on the ways in which the fluid concept of “chivalry” has been used after the Middle Ages. You can learn more about the book from Boydell & Brewer.

It is available for those who sign up to our Patreon page at the $35 (US) level before the end of October. When you sign up through our Patreon page, your payment gets deducted at the beginning of each month. Then we will send your shipping information to Boydell & Brewer who will send you the book.

This is only available for our readers in the United States  – and just 15 copies this month. As an added bonus, we will also be hosting a Google Hangout chat at the end of November, where we will discuss the book with our patrons.

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