What Medieval Torture Method Would You Use on Your Enemies?

What Medieval Torture Method Would You Use on Your Enemies?

If you were looking for information in the Middle Ages, you probably wouldn’t just ask nicely to get it. How would you go about dealing with your enemies? What would be your medieval torture method of choice? Take the test and find out!


You are nothing if not efficient. You don’t want to spend any more time, energy or resources on your enemies than you feel they deserve, so exposing them to the elements is your torture method of choice. Depending on the season and your disposition, you might leave victims naked and defenseless in the freezing cold or simply restrain them outside without food or water for extended periods of time.


The rack

You aren’t one to shy away from unpleasant tasks, and you prefer a hands-on, direct approach to torture. You use the rack when you are looking for a speedy confession from an enemy, attaching your victim to the wooden frame with ropes and turning a handle to stretch the arms and legs into excruciating positions.

The stocks

You don’t necessarily want to cause your enemies extreme physical pain (though you may if they have angered you enough). You do, however, want them to suffer public and prolonged humiliation, so your preferred torture method is the stocks in a public square. This way, you can inflict psychological damage as passersby toss insults or objects at offenders. For a minor offense, you may let them go after a short time; for bigger crimes, they won’t be so lucky.


You are a creative thinker, and your enemies would be wise not to underestimate your imagination. Your preferred torture method is to restrain your victim on a flat, horizontal surface, then use inventive ways to trap rats so that their only means of escape is through the victim’s body. Not a pretty picture.


What do you enjoy doing to relax?

Taking a nap

Hitting the gym for a tough workout

Watching reality TV

Doing crossword puzzles

When you have to deal with something unpleasant, your approach is to:

Leave the problem alone and let it work itself out

Deal with it immediately and directly

Analyze the reasons behind the problem before reacting

Think about out-of-the-box solutions

What sets off your temper?

Incompetence or laziness

Having your physical strength questioned

Having your mental abilities questioned

Being outwitted

Who do you turn to for advice?

Who needs advice?

My best friend

My therapist

My significant other

When tackling a challenge, you like to:

Act first and ask questions later

Experiment with trial and error

Do research to find the most effective solution

Be as innovative as possible

You have sometimes been called:





What crime would you be most likely to commit?



Disturbing the peace


What kind of social life do you prefer?

I mostly like to be on my own

I have a small group of close friends

I like big groups of casual friends

I have just a few lifelong friends

What is an indulgence you’d splurge on?

Expensive toys like cars or electronics

Adrenaline-fuelled experiences like skydiving

Fine wine or gourmet food

Classes or training for something I’m excited about

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