Review of Wolf Hall, Episode 6: Master of Phantoms

But in ‘Masters of Phantoms,’ the final episode, Cromwell exhibits the characteristic he was most known for while alive: Ruthlessness.

Review of Wolf Hall, Episode 5: Crows

In this tense and well written episode, Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell experience, in different ways, the unpredictable, explosive anger of Henry VIII.

Review of Wolf Hall, Episode 4: Devil’s Spit

In Episode 4, ‘Devil’s Spit,’ disappointment and fear run through the story.

Review of Wolf Hall, Episode 3: Anna Regina

Three things happened that made it possible for Henry VIII to marry Anne Boleyn. Without these three factors, there’d have been no marriage.

Review of Wolf Hall, Episode 2: Entirely Beloved

I will try to unravel some of the complexities of the relationships in the court of Henry VIII, which are shown on Wolf Hall without much effort to explain. While such a sophisticated script yields rich rewards, it assumes a certain working knowledge of 16th century power players.

Review of Wolf Hall, Episode 1: Three Card Trick

Tudor mystery author Nancy Bilyeau explains the intricate plot of the premiere episode of Masterpiece Theater’s ‘Wolf Hall,’ about Thomas Cromwell, the chief minister of Henry VIII, whom some decry as an evil genius and others praise as the leader of the English Reformation.

Interview: Ben Miles on playing Thomas Cromwell in Wolf Hall

Was there ever a time that Thomas Cromwell, lord privy seal of England in the reign of Henry VIII, was not front and center in the culture?

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