Valentine’s Day Medieval Love: Books for that special someone


Love is in the air! Here are a few medieval books on the topic of love for your Valentine.

Time, consciousness and narrative play in late Medieval secular dream poetry and framed narratives

The Romance of the Rose

This thesis proposes to look at the equation between time and text in the later medieval period. Time-telling and tale-telling have a particularly dynamic relationship in the considers time-telling and temporal referencein an era (c.1230 – 1500) that time-measurement multiple cultural experiencesa greatvariety of types of and
attitudes to time.

Looking Back: Medieval French Romance and the Dynamics of Seeing

The Romance of the Rose

This dissertation builds upon the work of feminist medievalists and other literary and cultural scholars to argue that sight, and objects that are seen, articulate love relationships between characters in medieval romances, and that seeing is frequently a locus of resistance to gender norms the texts both establish and refuse to accept.

Chaucer’s costume rhetoric in his portrait of the Prioress

The Prioress

No critic has ever discussed costume signs in order to reveal to what extent the Prioress does or does not conform in her costume to the fourteenth century norm, with consideration given, simultaneously, to the historical records, literature and visual arts of the period that form and inform the signs from the many traditions Chaucer in corporates in his portrait of the Prioress.

Constructions of Gender in Medieval Welsh Literature

Statue - The Two Kings (The Mabinogion)

The discussion of gender in medieval literary criticism is generally considered
to be a relatively new field, having achieved real momentum only in the latter half of the twentieth century. However, since it was the early fifteenth century when Christine de Pisan wrote a response to Jean de Meun’s Romance of the Rose, it cannot really be imagined that the medieval audience was too primitive to be fully aware of the subtext inside their stories.

Love, Mercy, and Courtly Discourse: Marguerite de Navarre Reads Alain Chartier

Leighton-Alain_Chartier-1903 (Courtly Love)

Love, Mercy, and Courtly Discourse: Marguerite de Navarre Reads Alain Chartier Frelick, Nancy  (University of British Columbia) Mythes à la cour, mythes pour la four (2010). 325-36 Abstract In the Heptaméron, Marguerite de Navarre makes two direct references to Alain Chartier’s Belle Dame sans Mercy. Both references highlight the elaboration of lovesickness and courtly discourse as strategies of […]

Christine de Pizan and Jean Gerson on the Body Politic: The Limits of Intellectual Influence?

The Book of the City of Ladies - Christine de Pizan

The present paper represents a small attempt to test competing hypotheses about the substance of the intellectual friendship between Christine and Jean by examining one overlapping theme in their respective body of writings: the organic metaphor between the human body and the political community.

Healing Leaves

Page from the 6th century Vienna Dioscurides, an illuminated version of the 1st century De Materia Medica

Medieval French literature provides the modern researcher with references to the healing arts in many passages that are incorporated into prose or poetic works.

‘It’s a Magical World’: The Page in Comics and Medieval Manuscripts

The Book of the Duchess - Chaucer

In this essay I examine the location in the material world that calls forth that cognitive frontier: the page.

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