Come One! Come All! Medieval Tournament Announcements

Tournaments were the big-ticket events in the Middle Ages, attracting people from all walks of life to witness great spectacles of sport and entertainment. But how did tournament organizers spread the word?

The Modern World of a Medieval Sport

You might think that jousting went extinct after the Middle Ages, but it in fact enjoys a strong modern following.

Sport During the Byzantine Era

It is without question that chariot racing was the most celebrated sport event of the Byzantine era.

The Noblest of Sports: Falconry in the Middle Ages

The Noblest of Sports: Falconry in the Middle Ages By William H. Forsyth The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, New Series, Vol. 2, No. 9 (1944) Introduction: “Ah, what great pleasure God our Lord conferred on man when He gave him the sport of dogs and birds … and when He willed that beasts and birds […]

Medieval Falconry: Birds and Lovebirds

The 5MinMedievalist talks to us about the popular medieval sport of falconry!

Golf on the Rhine: On the Origins of Golf, with Sidelights on Polo

The purpose of this article is to show that this claim of Scottish origin is unsubstantiated and to bring to the attention of golf historians new source material which proves the continental origins of Scotland’s national game. A

Golf: The True History

Was Scotland the Birthplace of Golf?

Gambling and Gaming in the Holy Land: Chess, Dice and Other Games in the Sources of the Crusades

The article demonstrates that, for the Latin chroniclers, the most serious problem of gambling in the context of the crusades was its tendency to distract from the war effort.

Physical Education in the Early Middle Ages

The foundation of our modern gymnastics, including medical gymnastics, was established during the period from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, although the ideas upon which it was based had been in general use since Antiquity.

Women In The Medieval And Renaissance Period: Spectators Only

The particular concern in this paper is the involvement of women in sport during the Middle Ages and Renaissance period and, indeed, the analysis will examine this involvement as to woman’s role as spectator or participant.

Snow Castles and Horse Racing on Ice: Winter Fun in the Medieval North

Although the winters could be long and harsh in medieval Sweden, the people still found time to have fun and games.

The Study of Medieval Sports, Games, and Pastimes: A Fifteen-Year Reflection, 1988-2003

Although some noteworthy studies by trained medievalists appeared in the 1980s, 90s, and the beginning of the new century, especially from scholars working in medieval literature, they were only a beginning.

An ancient art, a long absence

Boxing was well known in the ancient era, and it has been popular in Europe since the 1700s, so why does it seem to have gone missing in the Middle Ages?

Historian uncovers evidence of football match from 1320

A recently discovered court roll has uncovered evidence that the game of football was played as early as 1320 in the town of Hollesley in Suffolk, England.

Real Tennis and the Civilising Process

The game of Real Tennis dates back to the twelfth century in France, when it began as a very simple ball game played with the hands. By the sixteenth century, it had reached its heyday and become a rule-governed and highly sophisticated sport.

Animals in Medieval Sports, Entertainment, and Menageries

We shall see that apes, marmosets, and popinjays were hardly the only kinds of animals pressed into service as entertainers for medieval people, for virtually every common European animal – and a large number of exotic imported species as well – took some part, large or small, in games, spectacles, menageries, performances, tournaments, and displays.

Women in Sport: Images from the Late Middle Ages

For a number of years, as part of my research on the history of women, I have been collecting images of medieval women in manuscript illuminations and church sculptures. I was struck by the quantity of scenes in which women were physically engaged in sporting activities.

“We Who Are All Players”: Constructing Early Modern Tennis

There are indications that early modern tennis was more violent than we would expect. Montaigne’s brother was killed on the tennis-court at the age of twenty-three by a ball that hit him under his ear.

Oar walking, underwater wrestling and horse fighting – historian examines the sports and games of the Vikings

Playing ball games is an activity played by children around the world. But while parents might worry that their sons and daughters might get scrapes and bruises, in the Viking world such a game could end with an axe being driven into an opponents head.

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