Medieval Lisbon: A Visit to Lisbon Cathedral

In Part 2 of my 4 part look at Medieval Lisbon, I explore the city’s oldest building: Sé de Lisbon, Lisbon Cathedral

Medieval Lisbon: Castelo de São Jorge

Above Lisbon’s skyline of colourful tiled houses and red roofs lies Castelo de São Jorge, a dominating, but beautiful, 11th century fortress in the heart of this vibrant city…

El Cid, Cluny and the Medieval Spanish Reconquista

Rodrigo Díaz, better known by his title El Cid, has traditionally been portrayed as one of the great heroes of Spanish history, perhaps the perhaps the Spanish national hero par excellence.

Thieves of Pleasure: A vicious fraternal war rewards Alfonso VI with the artistic and poetic treasures of al-Andalus

As the balance of power began to shift from Muslim to Christian, a power struggle erupted among Christian rulers that would continue for generations, even as the light of Arabic poetry burned bright enough to influences centuries of Western verse.

Daily Life in the Spanish Reconquest: Scenes from Tenth-Century León

Built by the Romans to garrison to Seventh Legion, León may also have been the base of the legion’s military commander, who was sometimes fully empowered by the emperor to govern Asturias and Galicia.

The Difference A King Makes: Religion And National Unity In Spain

It is the end of the Roman period, however, that interests us most. What happened then is a model for the relationship between Church and state that has had an enduring and powerful influence.

Out of Many, One?: the voice(s) in the crusade ideology of Las Navas de Tolosa

Out of Many, One?: the voice(s) in the crusade ideology of Las Navas de Tolosa By Edward Lawrence Holt Honor’s Thesis, Duke University, 2010 Introduction: July 16, 1212. Poised on the plains near the city of Las Navas de Tolosa, two armies prepared to engage in battle. On one side stood three kings of Spain, […]

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