The Emergence of “Regnal” Sovereignty at the Turn of the Fourteenth Century

By Andrew Latham Introduction As the 13th century ended, two basic models of sovereignty – understood as the supreme authority to command, legislate and judge – were in circulation in Latin Christendom.  On the one hand, there was the dualist model.  On this view, the societas christiana was divided into two domains or orders – […]

The First Jubilee

How did this tradition of Papal Jubilees start in the Middle Ages?

Boniface VIII and Philip IV: Conflict Between Church and State

During the middle ages there were conflicts between church and state. From 1294-1303 Boniface VIII and Philip the IV, king of France had such an issue.

The attempted trial of Boniface VIII for heresy

How do you accuse a sitting Pope of being a heretic?

The idea of paradigm in church history: the notion of papal monarchy in the thirteenth century, from Innocent III to Boniface VIII

The three works of medieval history most clearly connected with the paradigm concept are Willemien Otten,’s From Paradise to Paradigm: A Study of Twelfth- Century Humanism and the essay collections Paradigms in Medieval Thought Applications and Medieval Paradigms.

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