The Medieval Magazine (Volume 3, No. 12) : Medieval Nation

In this issue we tackle National Holidays and the development of Nations, manuscripts at the Getty, and look at courtly festivities and jousting in London. We’re also baking bread Viking style, taking a trip to Avignon, and joining the medieval navy!

Apocalyptic Calculators of the Later Middle Ages

The purpose of my talk today is to explore why and how astrology became an accepted tool for apocalyptic calculation in the later Middle Ages.

My kingdom in pledge : King Sigismund of Luxemburg’s town pledging policy, case studies of Segesd and Bartfa

This thesis strives to present a small part of this huge and complex topic by analyzing one of the most interesting aspects of Sigismund’s pledging policy, namely, pldeges of the towns.

Cum Status Ecclesie Noster Sit: Florence and the Council of Pisa (1409)

Of all the divisions and crises that the Catholic church endured in its first fifteen hundred years of existence, none was so destructive as the Great Schism (1378-1417)

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