Of Fire and Water: The Old Norse Mythical Worldview in an Eco-Mythological Perspective

How do the actions of the gods in these narratives express man’s mythical notions of his relationship with the land and sea in the Scandinavian and North Atlantic ecosystems?

Creation and Food in Old Norse Mythology

Not surprisingly, as we can ascertain by reading the Bible and many other religious and mythological texts of the past, also in Norse beliefs food and fecundity were central elements in the origin of all things

Viking-Age Queens and the Formation of Identity

One may ask, then, not why there exists such a paucity of these women in the written record, but why any are mentioned at all, and for what purposes?

How Nordic are the old Nordic Laws?

Medieval legislation plays a peculiar and very important role in Nordic legal history.

Which Norse God Are You?

Thor and his fellow Norse Gods are surrounded by a rich, ancient mythology. Which medieval Norse Deity are you most like?

The effects of Viking activity on Scandinavian society

Three ways in which Viking raids and conquests in western Europe affected Scandinavian society are discussed

New study to look at Norse farming on the Orkney Isles

A year-long study will begin this fall that will look look at herding economies in the Orkney Isles from the 8th to the 15th century AD.

Seals and Sea Ice in Medieval Greenland

With a view to placing such developments in the context of changes in the past, the focus of this paper is an interdisciplinary study of the interaction of different seal species in Arctic/North Atlantic regions with sea ice, and, more specifically, the implications for the Norse settlements in Greenland in medieval times.

Norse cultural reaction to climate change during the little ice age and their societal collapse in Greenland

This study aims to understand the adaptations of the Norse Greenlanders to climate change in their new home.

Bjarmaland and interaction in the North of Europe from the Viking Age until the Early Middle Ages

This article intends to look at interaction in the very north of early medi- eval Europe with Bjarmaland as a starting point. After a short introduction to sources and historiography about Bjarmaland, the main content of the sources will be shortly discussed in order to establish what kind of informa- tion the written sources have to offer.

Towards a first chronology for the middle settlement of Norse Greenland

The so-called Middle Settlement (Mellembygden) of Norse/Viking Greenland has received far less attention than either of its larger Eastern and Western counterparts.

New Books on the Vikings

Want to know more about the Vikings? Here are five books that talk about the Norsemen, including their combs and their language.

Arctic encounters between Norse and Natives

Contact between the Norse and Native peoples in Canada’s Arctic was more extensive and earlier than first believed, according to recent archaeological evidence.

In quest for the lost gamers: An investigation of board gaming in Scania, during the Iron and Middle Ages

The games we play today are of course not entirely the same as those played a thousand years ago,

Christian Prayers and Invocations in Scandinavian Runic Inscriptions from the Viking Age and Middle Ages

Many runic inscriptions from the Viking Age and Middle Ages are directly related to Christian culture — they originate from a period during which Christianity was introduced and gradually institutionalized.

Norse Rune code cracked

A scholar of the University of Oslo has cracked one of the rune codes used by the Vikings, revealing they were sending each other messages such as ‘Kiss me’.

Warriors and warfare: ideal and reality in early insular texts

This thesis investigates several key aspects of warfare and its participants in the Viking Age insular world via a comparison of the image which warriors occupy in heroic literature to their concomitant depiction in sources which are primarily nonliterary in character, such as histories, annalistic records, and law codes.

The Extreme Emotional Life of Völundr the Elf

In this article, my aim is to determine the function of elves in Old Norse narratives from the thirteenth century by concentrating on the figure of Völundr, the protagonist of Völundarkviða, who to my mind is the most important Old Norse elf.

The Ship in the Field

An article exploring the possibility of a connection between the Vanir gods, specifically the goddess Freyja, with the Scandinavian stone ships and boat burials, and hypothesizing a field of the dead in early Germanic mythology.

The Hole: Problems in Medieval Dwarfology

When trying to understand Old Norse dwarfs, one problem is knowing too much.

North America’s First Contact: Norse-Inuit Relations

The interaction between the Norse and Inuit was sparse, at times hostile, and could have possibly doomed the Greenland colonies to extinction.

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