Stressing out in medieval Denmark: An investigation of dental enamel defects and age at death in two medieval Danish cemeteries

Dental enamel, which preserves a record of childhood stress events, represents an important resource for this investigation when paired with the information from adult skeletal remains, such as age at death.

Erosive and Mechanical Tooth Wear in Viking Age Icelanders

The importance of the Icelandic Sagas as a source of information about diet habits in medieval Iceland, and possibly other Nordic countries, is obvious.

Dental Health in Viking Age Icelanders

The purpose of the study was to evaluate dental health in Iceland 1000 years ago.

Dental and oral diseases in Medieval Persia, lessons from Hedayat Akhawayni

Persian physicians had a great role in assimilation and expansion of medical sciences during the medieval period and Islamic golden age.

The Vikings and their Filed Teeth

How some Vikings had their teeth filed – a painful way to have a new smile!

Word of Mouth: Charlemagne’s Capitulare de Villis

Xavier Riaud examines The Capitulare de Villis, one of Charlemagne’s documents which has a surprising dental content.

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