Marco Polo on the Mongol State: Taxation, Predation, and Monopolization

The aim of this article is to bring attention to Marco Polo’s descriptions of economic and political features of the Mongol empire that are especially meaningful when viewed through the lens of Austrian economics.

Perceptions of Hot Climate in Medieval Cosmography and Travel Literature

This article is an attempt to examine bow climate, especially hot weather in exotic locations, was viewed by European travellers and writers in the middle ages.

How Well Do You Know The Travels of Marco Polo?

It is one of the most famous works of the Middle Ages, but how well do you know this book?

Netflix’s Marco Polo – Review of Season 1

The Netflix original series Marco Polo premiered on December 12th to mostly negative reviews. Here is why you should ignore them and give it a try.

Small Talk: A New Reading of Marco Polo’s Il milione

It is perhaps not that surprising that we find the narrative pattern reflected in Il milione conforms nicely to the expectations of the Chinese genre of small talk.

Netflix goes epic with Marco Polo

Netflix is making a bold gamble – reportedly a $90 million (US) gamble – with their newest series, Marco Polo. The ten-episode first season is being released to their subscribers Friday.

Did Marco Polo go to Alaska?

A set of documents, brought to United States by an Italian immigrant, may reveal new details about Marco Polo’s travels in Asia, including that he possibly explored and mapped Alaska.

Real and imaginary journeys in the later Middle Ages

For a proper understanding of the actions of men in the past it is necessary to have some idea of how they conceived the world and their place in it, yet for the medieval period there is a serious inbalance in the sources.

In Our Time: Marco Polo

Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the celebrated Venetian explorer Marco Polo.

Marco Polo really did go to China, new study finds

A thorough new study of Chinese sources by University of Tübingen Sinologist Hans Ulrich Vogel dispels claims that Venice’s most famous traveler never truly went as far as China.

Marco Polo and His ‘Travels’

What is the book we associate with Polo’s name? With what purpose was it written? What claims does it make for itself? To what extent does it purport to represent Polo’s own experiences? Just where did Polo go?

The Mongols and the West

Eurasian history proper begins in the second half of the thirteenth century with the Mongols. Though their empire did not last for long – some authorities assert it survived for as little as forty years, and it certainly did not endure for much more than a century – they made a major contribution by inextricably linking Europe and Asia.

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