The Medieval Magazine: (Volume 3: No. 20): Issue 103: New Year

A behind the scenes look at the British Library’s Harry Potter exhibit, book suggestions for your 2018 Reading List, a closer look at the meaning of the Grail, a troubadour’s famous manuscript, a look at a new Tudor planner, and a review of King John.

The Medieval Magazine No. 99 (Volume 3, No. 16) : The Anniversary Issue!

The Anniversary Issue! turns 9 this September! This issue will celebrate our favourite things about the Middle Ages from travel, to art, fashion, books and events.

Isabelle of Angoulême: Jezebel of the Middle Ages?

Matthew Paris said that, ‘she ought to be called a wicked Jezebel, rather than Isabel.’

Marie de Coucy, Queen of Scots

Susan Abernethy brings us the story of Alexander II of Scotland’s French Queen, Marie de Coucy.

Final Month to See British Library’s Magna Carta Exhibit

It’s August, and summer has begun its inevitable wind down. Unfortunately, this means the British Library’s spectacular exhibit, Magna Carta: Law, Liberty and Legacy is winding down as well. This is the final month to catch a glimpse of the famous 800 year old document before the exhibit comes to a close on September 1st.

Exhibit: Magna Carta Through the Ages at the Society of Antiquaries of London

If you’re passing through London and want something to do that is very quick, free, and historical, check out this great little Magna Carta exhibit at Burlington House hosted by the Society of Antiquaries of London.

Magna Carta Conference Offers New Insights Into The 800-year-old Document

Magna Carta just celebrated its 800th birthday this past Monday. In honour of this incredible milestone, King’s College London, and the Magna Carta Project, hosted a 3 day conference dedicated to this historic document.

KZOO 2015: Session #42 – Magna Carta in Context

This coming week I’ll be featuring summaries on some of my favourites sessions and papers from #KZOO2015. I kicked off my first session on Thursday with the Magna Carta.

Magna Carta: The Road to Runnymede

A look at the creation of the British Library’s Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy exhibition.

King John and the Making of Magna Carta

All sorts of myths and legends grew up around King John and the Magna Carta – this is a part of history that passed into popular culture.

The ‘Madness’ of King John

As we approach the eight hundredth anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, Euryn Roberts asks whether king John really was a ‘devil incarnate’, or just an energetic, ambitious monarch who was prepared to go to extremes to secure his rights?

The Anonymous of Bethune, King John and Magna Carta

One of the most frequently met generalizations about King John is that he was unfortunate to have lived at a time when those authors who chronicled the events of their own day were churchmen

King John gets his own App!

Anthem Press has just released an app for iPhones and iPads that looks at the reign of King John of England. Produced in in collaboration with Graham Seel, who wrote the book, King John: An Underrated King, it is free to download.

Serving the man that ruled: aspects of the domestic arrangements of the household of King John, 1199-1216

This thesis interrogates the evidence of the household ordinances from the twelfth to fourteenth centuries, by using a corpus of record sources extant from 1199 onwards, which break through the façade of departmentalism to reveal the complexity of the royal household.

Mirrors for Princes: Henry II and the Succession to the Angevin Empire

Understandably, with so many ‘devilish’ offspring, Henry II faced many difficulties when it came to bringing up his sons, including the problem of how to successfully integrate them into the rule of the Angevin Empire.

BOOK REVIEW: A King’s Ransom – Sharon Kay Penman

A King’s Ransom is the follow up to Lionheart and tells the story of King Richard I’s imprisonment in Germany at the hands of Duke Leopold of Austria and Emperor Heinrich VI and of his battle to win back his Kingdom from his rapacious brother John.

Movie Review: Ironclad

The movie was made entirely in Wales and it has a gritty and raw edge to it that I really enjoyed. The film is fairly fast paced and violent, but not to the point where it’s just swords and flash.

Agatha, Clerical ‘Wife’ and Wet Nurse to King John of England, Longtime Companion to Godfrey de Lucy, Bishop of Winchester

Agatha’s life, like that of her mistress Eleanor of Aquitaine, is remarkable in an age when women’s innate inferiority and wives’ subordination to their husbands were almost universally accepted, and discussions of women and marriage in learned treatises, sermons, and vernacular stories were ‘at worst misogynistic and at best ambivalent.’

King John’s Testament and the Last Days of his Reign

King John’s testament is the first royal testament or will to survive in its original form in an English context.

Feudal Strength!: Henry II and the Struggle for Royal Control in England

Henry II ruled over a vast empire that no English king before could match. Through his inheritance, military success, and political cunning he managed to wield power and influence on a level that no future medieval English monarch would.

The Fall of the Angevin Empire

A damned inheritance, hopelessly over-extended and out-resourced by the kings of France? Or an effective empire thrown away by incompetence and harshness? John Gillingham weighs the blame for John’s loss of the Angevin dominions.

Peter Des Roches, Bishop of Winchester, and the Papal Interdict on England, 1208-1214

A native of western France and probably originatly a knight, Peter rose to prominence in English affairs through service as the principal financial clerk in John’s chamber.

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