The Medieval Magazine: (Volume 4: No. 3): Issue 105: Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Issue!: Love in the Middle Ages, Teutonic Knights, Tudor medicine, and much, much more!

Power and Political Communication. Feasting and Gift Giving in Medieval Iceland

Unlike modern friendship, its medieval namesake was anything but a free and spontaneous practice, and neither were its primary modes and media of expression.

A Medieval Guide to Friendship

What kind of friend are you? A 13th-century writer looks at types of friends, most of whom you want to stay away from!

Impregnable friendship : locating desire in the middle English ‘Amis and Amiloun’

Scholarship on Amis and Amiloun has generally been divided into two critical schools. The majority of critics have read the work as an exemplar of perfect friendship, overlooking (or ignoring) any trace of homoeroticism, citing the possibility itself as anachronistic, or explaining away its presence by offering historical or theoretical justification for intimacy among medieval men.

Merry Married Brothers: Wedded Friendship, Lovers’ Language and Male Matrimonials in Two Middle English Romances

Both Athelston and Amis and Amiloun show idealized same-sex friendships through various guises. In each, the bonds of friendship are cemented through troth-plights, which approach marriage vows in their complexity and wording

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