Papers on Medieval Prosopography: Session #47 at KZOO 2015

Three fantastic papers on Prosopography from #KZOO2015.

Vice, Tyranny, Violence, and the Usurpation of Flanders (1071) in Flemish Historiography from 1093 to 1294

The earliest sources of the history of medieval Flanders do not agree on the origins of the counts. The earliest source, the so-called “Genealogy of Arnold [I],” credibly traces the counts’ origin to Baldwin I “Iron Arm,”…

What Remains: Women, Relics and Remembrance in the Aftermath of the Fourth Crusade

After the fall of Constantinople to the Latin Crusaders in 1204 hundreds of relics were carried into the West as diplomatic gifts, memorabilia and tokens of victory. Yet many relics were alsosent privately between male crusaders and their spouses and female kin.

The influence of conflicting medieval church and social discourses on individual consciousness : dissociation in the visions of Hadewijch of Brabant

This article examines the influence of the conflicting dis- courses in the medieval church and its social context on the subconscious experiences of Hadewijch of Brabant, a 13th century Flemish visionary, mystical author, vernacular theologian and Beguine leader

En/gendering representations of childbirth in fifteenth-century Franco-Flemish devotional manuscripts

Late-medieval representationsof the births of holy and heroic children invariably show a domestic interior with the new mother lying in bed attended
by female assistants.These images thus appearto show a `genderedspace’ in which women cared for each other and from which men were marginalized.

Shifting Experiences: The Changing Roles of Women in the Italian, Lowland, and German Regions of Western Europe from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period

Specifically, the thesis compares and analyzes the changing roles that women could employ economically, politically, socially, and religiously.

The evolutionary dynamics of the credit relationship between Henry III and Flemish merchants, 1247-1270

Within England, the royal household was by far the biggest single customer for cloth,
wax and other high-status goods.

The Getty Manuscripts

The Getty Manuscripts Flannery, Mary Marginalia, Vol. 7, (2008) Abstract Thanks in part to the holdings of the Huntington Library in San Marino, Los Angeles has long been an important destination for those engaged in the study of manuscripts. But on the other side of downtown LA, another institution has established itself as an important […]

Just Like a Mother Bee: Reading and Writing Vitae Metricae around the Year 1000

Just Like a Mother Bee: Reading and Writing Vitae Metricae around the Year 1000 Taylor, Anna Viator 36 (2005) Abstract In the late tenth or early eleventh century, Johannes, monk of Saint-Amand, sent his verse Vita Rictrudis (BHL 7248) to Rainerus, a monk of Ghent who was the author of several works of prose hagiography. Rainerus […]

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