Viking Faroes: Settlement, Paleoeconomy, and Chronology

The paper presents a synopsis of the current evidence for the settlement chronology and Viking Age to Early Medieval paleoeconomy of the Faroe Islands.

Local and Traditional on the Millennial Scale: Sustainable Waterfowl Management from Viking Age Iceland

Inhabited by Vikings since approximately 600 AD, the islands hosts an abundant, but terribly fragile resource, puffins, flightless birds that nest on rocky exposed cliffs, in easy range of the islanders other prime food source, pigs.

On the windy edge of nothing: Vikings in the North Atlantic World

With a focus upon the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland, Kevin Edwards will present a select narrative of past and recent writings, archaeological enquiry and scientific research concerning the Norse settlement of the North Atlantic.

Faroe Islands were first colonized between 4th to 6th century AD, archaeologists find

The Faroe Islands were colonised much earlier than previously believed, and it wasn’t by the Vikings, according to new research.

Adventures far from home: Hanseatic trade with the Faroe Islands

he voyage to Iceland, now a major destina- tion, took about four weeks (gardiner & mehler 2007, 403; Krause 2010, 150). The Faroe Islands are situated more or less in the middle of that distance and provided a fine stop-over. The islands were an additional market for their trade business and in case of storms offered a safe and most welcome shelter.

A Viking-Age Shieling in Skarðsvík, Fugloy, Faroe Islands

Almost fifty years ago ancient shieling sites of Viking Age date were identified in the Faroe Islands by Christian Matras, the linguist, and Sverri Dahl, the state antiquary.

Viking and Medieval Settlement in the Faroes: People, Place and Environment

Viking and Medieval Settlement in the Faroes: People, Place and Environment By Símun V. Arge , Guðrún Sveinbjarnardóttir , Kevin J. Edwards and Paul C. Buckland Human Ecology, Vol. 33, No. 5 (2005) Abstract: Apart from the possible, but unproven presence of some Irish hermits, the Norse colonizers of the Faroe Islands arrived in an […]

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