The Ruin: The Past Dreaming of the Past

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England. Stonehenge, Condado de Wiltshire, Inglaterra, August 12, 2014 (Wikipedia).

Danièle Cybulskie, the @5minMedievalist brings us a piece on Anglo-Saxon poetry.

The Sexual Riddles of the Exeter Book

Book of Exeter

Among the Exeter Book riddle collection there is a group more or less explicitly of riddles which deals sex.

A Christological reading of The Ruin

Anglo Saxon

We should be aware that the semantic scope of each word may vary drastically and that the reader is influenced by many variables in attaching the meaning to a given word. The question becomes trickier if we take the allegorical viewpoint, because polysemy is concerned with the entire text, not with just a word. Thus, we should not consider the surface meaning of the words, but look more carefully for the covert meanings.

‘In the Beginning’: The London Medieval Graduate Network Inaugural Conference

King's College London - chapel

This is a summary of the The London Medieval Graduate Network Inaugural Conference by Rachel Scott. The conference was held on November 2nd at King’s College London.

Bridging the Gap: Finding a Valkyrie in a Riddle

Book of Exeter

Bridging the Gap: Finding a Valkyrie in a Riddle  Culver, Jennifer (University of North Texas) M.A. Thesis, University of North Texas, May (2007) Abstract While many riddles exist in the Anglo-Saxon Exeter Book containing female characters, both as actual human females and personified objects and aspects of nature, few scholars have discussed how the anthropomorphized […]

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