The Birth of the Monarchy out of Violent Death

There were many motives for murdering a king.

Blended and Extended Families in Carolingian Charters

This is a summary of a paper on Carolingian charters and the relationship between step and blended families.

Making a difference in tenth-century politics: King Athelstan’s sisters and Frankish queenship

In the early years of the tenth century several Anglo-Saxon royal women, all daughters of King Edward the Elder of Wessex (899-924) and sisters (or half-sisters) of his son King Athelstan (924-39), were despatched across the Channel as brides for Frankish and Saxon rulers and aristocrats. This article addresses the fate of some of these women through an analysis of their political identities.

Clovis: How Barbaric, How Pagan?

The mainstream portrait of Clovis, still dominant in English and American writing, derives its many negative features from secondary sources written a half-century or more after his death and abounding in grossly unreliable anecdotes.

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