Exhibit: Magna Carta Through the Ages at the Society of Antiquaries of London

The Black Book of Peterborough. Photo by

If you’re passing through London and want something to do that is very quick, free, and historical, check out this great little Magna Carta exhibit at Burlington House hosted by the Society of Antiquaries of London.

Magna Carta Conference Offers New Insights Into The 800-year-old Document

British Library's Magna Carta, photo credit Joseph Turp

Magna Carta just celebrated its 800th birthday this past Monday. In honour of this incredible milestone, King’s College London, and the Magna Carta Project, hosted a 3 day conference dedicated to this historic document.

Papers on Medieval Prosopography: Session #47 at KZOO 2015

Pieter Brueghel - Kermesse (The Feast of Saint George)

Three fantastic papers on Prosopography from #KZOO2015.

KZOO 2015: Session #42 – Magna Carta in Context

British Library's Magna Carta, photo credit Joseph Turp

This coming week I’ll be featuring summaries on some of my favourites sessions and papers from #KZOO2015. I kicked off my first session on Thursday with the Magna Carta.

Magna Carta: The Road to Runnymede

This is one of the two Magna Carta owned by the British Library (c) The British Library Board

A look at the creation of the British Library’s Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy exhibition.

The pre-Conquest charters of Christ Church, Canterbury

godwine charter

This thesis comprises a study of all the records of the archbishop and chapter of Canterbury that purport to belong to the period before the Norman Conquest.

Access is Power: Financing the Second Crusade in France

12th century Charter France - possibly related to the Second Crusade

I will suggest an explanation for why historians have been slow to use land charters as a primary source for the history of the crusades.

A monastic landscape: The Cistercians in medieval Leinster

Clonmacnoise Monastery (Leinster, Ireland)

This study endeavours to discuss the Cistercian monasteries of Leinster with regard to their physical location in the landscape, the agricultural contribution of the monks to the broader social and economic world and the interaction between the cloistered monks and the secular world.

England’s First Attempt to Break the Commercial Monopoly of the Hanseatic League, 1377-1380

Hanseatic Cities

During the second half of the fourteenth century English traders first seriously threatened the Hanseatic League’s commercial monopoly in the Baltic. The League, attempting to defendits monopoly, treated the English unjustly,where upon in 1377 the English Parliament rescinded the charter that granted the League important concessions and privileges in its English trade.

Blended and Extended Families in Carolingian Charters

medieval Carolingian charter - Charter of Clothilde

This is a summary of a paper on Carolingian charters and the relationship between step and blended families.

Merovingian Diplomacy: Practice and purpose in the sixth century

Map of Merovingian Gaul - 511 A.D.

The practise of diplomacy has not been much studied in Merovingian Gaul, although there are numerous works that deal with its political dealings with its neighbours and with the administration and culture of Gaul at this time.

The Charters of the Cinque Ports – Are They Still Needed?

The Charters of the Cinque Ports

The heyday of the Cinque Ports was in medieval times when they provided a vital navy for the protection of the realm. Today, the Cinque Ports, and their charters, still exist.

Floods and weather in 1342 and 1343 in the Carpathian Basin

Concerning weather, weather-related extremes and catastrophic consequences, 1342 was an extraordinary year in most parts of Central Europe, even in such an extraordinary decade as the 1340s. Accounting with the seven flood events (including one Danube flood) mainly of great magnitude, at present 1342 is the most important known flood year of medieval Hungary.

El Cid, Cluny and the Medieval Spanish Reconquista

El Cid's statue

Rodrigo Díaz, better known by his title El Cid, has traditionally been portrayed as one of the great heroes of Spanish history, perhaps the perhaps the Spanish national hero par excellence.

Dating medieval English charters

medieval English charters

Developing a computer program that can automatically date medieval manuscripts.

Comital Authority, Accountability and the Personnel of Comital Administration in Greater Anjou, 1129-51

Geoffrey of Anjou

This paper was part of SESSION VIII:Power & Politics in the Long Twelfth Century. It examined the charters of Geoffrey of

Women and the adoption of charters in Scotland north of Forth, c. 1150–1286

18th century map of Scotland

In the thirteenth century, charters in the name of women became more plentiful, especially in the case of widows, and more standard formulas emphasising the ‘lawful power of widowhood’ were employed widely.

Partners in Rule: A Study of Twelfth-Century Queens of England

Eleanor of Aquitaine on the left with a companion, probably Isabella of Angoulême, from a mural in the Chapel of St. Radegund, Chinon

The queens of twelfth-century England provide a prime example of how the queen was not, in fact, powerless in the rule of her realm, but rather a significant governmental official who had the opportunity to take a complementary part in royal rule that suited her strengths.

The Uses of Pragmatic Literacy in the Medieval Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia (from the State Foundation to the End of the Sixteenth Century)

Moldavia, Wallachia, Transylvania

The aim of my thesis is to reveal and understand processes behind the appearance and dissemination of literacy in the medieval principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia. I will focus on the social and cultural factors that contributed to the adoption and use of writing from the appearance of the state until the end of the sixteenth century.

Llywelyn ab Iorwerth : the making of a Welsh prince

Llywelyn the Great

Finally, this thesis seeks to address the limitations on Llywelyn’s successes, in light of succeeding events and concludes with a discussion of Llywelyn’s legendary status in the modern world.

The higher nobility in Scotland and their estates, c.1371-1424

18th century map of Scotland

The material available for the study of the Scottish nobility in this period consists almost entirely of charters, especially those issued by the crown.

Charters as weapons. On the role played by early medieval dispute records in the disputes they record

medieval Carolingian charter - Charter of Clothilde

This paper seeks to shed more light on how written records were used during the Carolingian period by examining the role played by records of property disputes in the disputes they record.

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