Medieval Geopolitics: War in the Medieval Mind

How was war understood in late medieval culture?

Medieval Geopolitics: The Medieval State

What did medieval states look like? A look at the most common and significant forms: kingdoms, principalities, communes and leagues.

Medieval Geopolitics: The Invention of the Idea of Sovereignty

In this column, I trace on the evolution of the idea of “sovereignty,” which I believe to be the conceptual linchpin of this historical process.

Medieval Geopolitics: The Moral Purpose of the State

What were the fundamental social goods toward which it was ordered and from which it derived it legitimacy? In short, what was the moral purpose of the later medieval state?

How the medieval past can be used for today’s challenges

Let us, in other words, return to the medieval era…

Medieval Geopolitics: The Invention of the Idea of “Political Community”

How a distinctively post-feudal, later medieval understanding of “political community” evolved in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Medieval Geopolitics: The Medieval “Fiscal Revolution”

So far in this series, we have talked about medieval “revolutions” in military power and judicial authority. A third great change in the late medieval era was in the control of money.

Medieval Geopolitics: The Medieval “Judicial Revolution”

During the early medieval era, judicial power and authority – the right and ability to adjudicate legal disputes and enforce the law – had hemorrhaged from the public authorities of the Carolingian empire into the hands first of great magnates and then lesser lords.

Medieval Geopolitics: The Medieval “Military Revolution”

From the late 1200s onward, royal warmaking capabilities underwent profound changes – changes that made them decisively less feudal and decidedly more state-like.

Medieval Geopolitics: The Two Types of Warfare in Medieval Europe

In this, the first post of the Medieval Geopolitics series, I take a look at the two types of political war fought in medieval Europe.

Medieval Sources of Sovereignty: The Idea of Supreme Authority in Quanto Personam and its Glosses

Pope Innocent III’s decretal Quanto personam, issued on 21 August 1198, makes a number of claims regarding the locus, source and character of supreme authority within the Church.

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