Yolande de Dreux, Queen of Scots

Susan Abernethy brings us back to medieval Scotland once again to look at another Scottish Queen, Yolande de Dreux.

Europe and the beginning of Scottish sovereignty

Scotland’s story may have been distinctive, but its experience was not.

Margaret Plantagenet, Queen of Scotland

The English Princess Margaret Plantagenet married King Alexander III of Scotland in December of 1251. This was to be the third youngest marriage of monarchs in British history.

Aristocratic Politics and the Crisis of Scottish Kingship, 1286–96

In late 1292 the new king of Scots, John Balliol, did homage to Edward as his superior lord and during the next three years lived with the consequences of this act.

Bruce, Balliol and the lordship of Galloway: south-western Scotland and the Wars of Independence

Overshadowed by the better documented and more closely studied Bruce campaigns in the north east, the savage civil war which convulsed the lordship between 1306 and 1314, and again from 1332 to 1356, is a neglected area of potentially great value, as it stemmed from a failure of Bruce policies.

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